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Against corruption

The June 14 letter “The biggest fraud” was very interesting. The writer seemed to be saying that if Democrats didn’t stop investigating the president’s corruption, the Senate would turn the tables and start investigating corruption among Democratic — and some Republican — figures.

Of course, if such corruption existed, it should be examined. It’s interesting that the Senate has thus far declined to do so.

I’m against any corruption in government. I say investigate them all. Let’s start with the president and work our way down.

Leland Stoat


Complete facts

It would behoove the Journal to check your complete facts before headlining an article you pick up from another newspaper such as the one you headlined from The Associated Press on page A7 of the June 14 Journal (“Trump says he’s open to foreign help in election”).

I watched the entire interview when the president was asked by ABC’s George Stephanopolos what he would do if someone from another country called him to say they had information on an opponent. I quote the last part of his answer: “Oh, I think I’d want to hear it.” He then clearly stated, if warranted, he would report it to the FBI. Anyone would be stupid to say “don’t tell me” as it could affect our country. President Trump is far from stupid.

That last part about reporting it to the FBI was totally omitted by the writer for The Associated Press as well as most all the pundits who repeated only the first part of the president’s answer. This is exactly why people who stay informed are so disgusted with half-truths and omissions that gave birth to “fake news.”

Will we ever return to real impartial, truthful reporting in our country?

Delores K. MacKay



The other day I heard an interview on the radio show “Here and Now” with historian Jon Meacham and country western singer Tim McGraw, neighbors in Nashville, about their new book, “Songs of America: Patriotism, Protest, and the Music That Made a Nation.” About the mid-19th century song “Dixie,” Meacham stated, “ ‘Dixie’ was written for blackface minstrel singers in New York City, and believe me, we are two white southerners, and there are a lot of folks who do not know that history. If you understand that Dixie was written for a white guy pretending to be a black man singing nostalgically for enslavement, that puts that song exactly where it should be, which is in a place where it was a manifestation of the worst part of American history, one of the original sins...”

Just let that sink in. It should give the Fair Planning Committee, and all of us, pause as we contemplate a new name for our beloved Classic Fair.

Robert Beseda


A frightening report

I’m not sure why Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not charge President Trump and his campaign with collaboration with Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential campaign. I am 150 pages into Volume 1 of the Mueller report and it is frightening. Every page has documented evidence of Trump representatives meeting with Russian foreign nationals or Russian-American businessmen, all desperate to undermine the Clinton campaign and see Trump elected.

I grew up during the Cold War. Modern Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, is the virus of the old Soviet Union reconstituted. I understand, now, why Mueller began and ended his press conference with a warning to all Americans that the Russians attempted and will attempt again to alter our election.

Please, take the time to read the report. Please contact Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. Virginia Foxx, and ask them why they continue to claim that there was no collaboration.

One example from the report: Businessman Felix Sater, in an email to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (in section IV. A. c. of Volume I of the Mueller report): “Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this, I will manage this process ... Michael, Putin gets on stage … with Donald for a ribbon cutting for Trump Moscow, and Donald owns the republican nomination. And possibly beats Hillary and our boy is in ...”

Again, frightening.

Gary Bolick


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