Part of the epidemic

The Sept. 5 front-page story, “Man injured in drive-by shooting,” alerted us to the fact that this was the third drive-by shooting in four days in Winston-Salem. That is horrible news, because it reminds us that we are part of the gun violence epidemic in our nation.

Gun Violence Archive reports daily statistics on gun violence in the U.S. As of Sept. 5, the total gun deaths this year has reached 10,120 out of 38,338 gun incidents. That included 472 injuries or deaths of children 0 to 11 years of age.

These statistics reflect nothing less than a national emergency, and Congress is taking no action. The inaction is an unspeakable failure of our elected officials who are owned by gun lobbyists rather than being servants of the people they represent.

Appropriate action would include declaring a state of emergency and immediately voting to provide funds to conduct comprehensive research to include why our nation leads all other nations in the developed world in gun violence. Then what are the solutions: more effective gun regulations, enforcement of gun regulations, accessible mental health services, ending illegal gun trafficking, etc.?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is single-handedly sabotaging any action by the Executive Branch to protect our citizens from this tragic loss of life. He says he is willing to put legislation to a vote if President Trump supports it. Why wait on Trump? Instead, pass veto-proof laws. There is no excuse for inaction.

Charles Francis Wilson



Mexico isn’t paying for the wall; American military families are.

China isn’t paying for the tariffs; American farmers and manufacturers are.

And President Trump invited the Taliban to meet with him at Camp David on the week of the anniversary of 9/11.

So much winning! Make America great again!

Barney Harper


Union Station

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in preserving and restoring Union Station in Winston-Salem, from Harvey Davis, who had the foresight and tenacity to protect it, to the city leaders, the steering committee, contractors and volunteers.

I first laid eyes on that building, then Davis Garage, when I moved to the city 25 years ago. Ever since, I have followed its story and hoped it would one day be returned to its former glory.

The grand re-opening on Sept. 7 (“New and Improved,” Sept. 7) was a wonderful event and judging by the number of people in attendance, many appreciate this lovely architectural gem.

Now if we could only have rail service!

Sheilah Lombardo


Footing the bill

When did any of us last take a luxury vacation at someone else’s expense?

As of July 2019, American taxpayers have footed the bills for President Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago at an average of $3.4 million per visit, and his golf outings have cost us at least $105 million, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office. We pay for his fun and games at properties owned by Trump himself, which means he is making a profit every time he goes on these taxpayer-paid vacations.

Is there something wrong here?

Susan Pflug

Mount Airy

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