Clear evidence

Elected representatives have a responsibility and so do voters.

In Monday’s hearing to determine if articles of impeachment should be drawn, clear and compelling evidence was presented that President Trump violated his oath of office, repeatedly. Those defending Trump did not deny his many violations; they simply said Trump’s behavior didn’t matter.

His behavior does matter. What kind of world do we want to live in and leave for our children and grandchildren? Or do we just say, that’s someone else’s problem?

If you care about our democracy, don’t wait until Election Day. Email your representatives, early and often. Those emails and letters count.

Pamela Corbett


Up and down

Stock market: up.

Unemployment: down.

Comedians: never funnier.

“Get over it!” Why care about anything else, especially that ancient Constitution!

Mary MacMillan


Over the limit

Does your newspaper not have limits? How deplorable that you would stoop to the limits of egregiously printing a cartoon about cancer on your Dec. 9 opinion page! As a cancer survivor, I was totally shocked when I read it!

It seems that you may want to take a moment to actually think about what you print before you do so. Oh, but wait, it is much more important for you to make sure you reinforce, on a daily basis, the fact that your newspaper is strictly printed for the enjoyment of anti-Trump readers only. I dare say that even they were repulsed by your lack of judgment.

I am seriously disgusted at how low you have gone. It’s a real shame that not only are we forced to listen to the continual bombardment of our biased elected officials toward our president on television, but we are forced to read the same daily garbage in your newspaper as well.

Clean your act up, and please do not make jokes about cancer! It is not funny, no matter if you’re a Trump supporter or not!

Donald S. Whiteheart Jr.


Hold him accountable

The Democrats’ dislike of President Trump doesn’t matter. Hunter Biden doesn’t matter. Trump’s despicable character and instances of fraud (his university, his foundation) don’t matter. All that really matters is whether Trump is guilty of the charges: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The fact that he forced members of his administration to ignore subpoenas from the U.S. House — which has every right to issue them — is proof enough of obstruction of Congress. His claim that the investigation was political, a “hoax,” doesn’t matter — the Constitution gives the House the right. The president — especially a president who rails about “law and order” — has a responsibility to follow the law.

Come on, that should be obvious.

And even without proving the central issue, that Trump tried to get Ukraine to announce an investigation of his political opponent, Joe Biden, the fact that Trump obstructed Congress is proof of abuse of power.

Trump is not a king. He doesn’t get to make up his own rules. Someone has to hold him accountable, and since Republicans refused to do it, I’m glad the Democrats will.

Gerald Bean


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