Larry Kirby for mayor

As the time comes closer to vote for the mayor of Clemmons, I give my endorsement to the man I’ve known and have admired my entire adult life — Larry Kirby. And I want to give my testimony on what kind of person he is today.

I was in the Clemmons Explorers Fire program and that is when I met Larry in 1978. This was a youth program to teach kids education of fire safety, how to be a first responder and aid in helping the community. We were both members of Clemmons First Baptist Church. Larry spent much of his time with the youth groups at the fire department and the church. I was involved with Larry in both.

Larry is a quality person with the community of Clemmons as one of his top priorities.

I have worked with Larry on multiple tasks. He is driven to make things happen. I have witnessed his passion for Clemmons. I have helped him on projects to better the community. Larry is a leader and a doer. He is one who has strong values, moral ethics, a high work ethic and who takes leadership and people seriously. Larry has always taken a stand for what he believes in. He worked diligently to make Clemmons a better place to live.

I know Larry will do a really great job as mayor. He is a hard worker and a strong leader. Clemmons would be fortunate to have Larry as the mayor.

Danny Lawrence


More important

Now that the name of the fair has been changed, I assume all those in favor of the change will be more than happy to split the $100,000 cost among themselves.

It seems like they would have wanted more law enforcement officers, public transportation, sidewalks or parks. Silly me, the name change is certainly more important!

Sue Ellen Moss


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