A better idea

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sept. 14 column “Progress on clean air can’t be erased,” about the threat to revoke California’s waiver to the federal clean air standards, makes a lot of great points about why we should allow states and businesses to pursue environmental goals that go beyond what federal rules require. One of the points he makes is that auto companies agreed to make autos that would reduce emissions beyond the federal requirements to allow California to meet its goals.

We have a similar situation with the major gas and oil companies. ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips and other oil companies are backing a campaign to get a carbon tax bill introduced in the Senate this year. Unlike the automaker’s pro-environment motivations, they want a bill that will ensure they can’t be sued for the effects of climate change.

There’s a better idea: HR 763, the Energy Innovation Act and Carbon Dividend Act. It is a bipartisan solution that puts emissions extractions in the market and returns the dividends to families. It will help meet emissions reductions and create 2.1 million jobs. Most families will spend the dividends and enrich our economy.

Many Republicans, including Rep. Virginia Foxx and Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, say that we should act to reduce emissions but haven’t suggested any solutions. HR 763 is the solution we need — now.

Debra Demske


Foolish things

In reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sept. 14 column, “Progress on clean air can’t be erased”: Sorry, but he’s wrong. As long as we have President Trump in the White House and a legislature that is so busy sucking at the wallets of the gun and other corporate lobbies, there’ll be no stopping the foolish things coming out of Washington.

Somehow, Congress has to get its heads screwed on right, and start ignoring Trump and party interests and start looking at the public’s interest!

Larry E. May


Fair name

Camel City Classic Fair. There, I named it. Now the Winston-Salem City Council can spent its time (and our tax dollars) on something a little more important, like reducing crime, improving our schools and fixing roads/bridges throughout the city.

Bobby Kennedy


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