For the right price

For as long as I can remember, the U.S. was “the good guys” on the world stage. But with President Trump abandoning or threatening our allies, breaking our nuclear agreement with Iran and perhaps starting a war to distract America from his impeachment, our credibility and honor is under risk of elimination.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the response of the U.K., France and Germany to our attack on Iran had not been “as helpful as I wish that they could be.” He’s disappointed in them?

Then, after enraging the Iraqis by sending a drone to kill someone on their soil, rather than apologize, Trump threatens Iraq with sanctions.

Do we have any allies left? Hey, maybe Russia would side with us, for the right price.

On Friday, speaking at a rally with his evangelical party base, Trump claimed that God is “on our side.” That arrogance staggers me! I cannot imagine a more offensive statement from an American president.

Trump has diminished America in the eyes of the world.

Buddy Osborne


Doing due diligence

Although I am a conservative like Cal Thomas and often agree with his point of view, I do not agree with the assertion he made in his Dec. 30 column, “Trump was the better choice.” Thomas asserted that Donald Trump had been placed in his position as president by God, based upon Romans 13:1, as translated by the NLT version of the Bible.

However, the NLT version differs from every other widely used translation of the Bible that I checked — nine of them. Every one of these other translations referred to authorities as positions, not as people. In other words, Romans 13:1 indicates that God is responsible for establishing government positions, not for placing specific individuals in government positions.

Does anyone believe that God placed Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin or other extremely evil men in the positions of authority they held? Surely not! God only allowed them to hold those positions, and a sufficient number of the people in their nation chose them.

Generally speaking, a majority of the people in a country decide who will be their leaders. In the case of the last presidential election in the U.S., Trump was elected as president even though he did not receive a majority of the votes. And God did not force anyone to vote for Trump to be president.

So I say to Cal Thomas and others who intend to publicly voice their opinions: In the future, be sure to do due diligence before you make assertions.

Harvey Armour


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