Vote safely

The writer of the May 22 letter “Murderous wishes” criticizes the writer of the May 19 letter “Stay safe, Tarheels,” for politicizing a “stay safe” message — and yet does something very similar.

I am a Democrat and I hope that all of us are taking precautions to stay safe in this time of pandemic. I hope all of us will register and safely vote in November. I believe in democracy and believe that all of us can evaluate how the current administration has handled our safety and I hope will vote accordingly.

Please, everyone, wear your masks in public, keep physical distance, stay safe and vote in November. If there are free and fair elections where every eligible citizen is encouraged to vote we will have a better future.

Dee Edelman


Making a difference

I feel it surprisingly necessary to reply to the May 20 letter “We are adults.”

“Open the things up and let us make the decision to participate or not,” the writer says. “After all, we are adults. There will be new infections whether the businesses are open or not.”

Yes, there will be. But here’s the thing that apparently didn’t occur to the letter writer: If you avoid being exposed to the coronavirus, you won’t catch it.

See, that would actually make a difference. Let me explain it this way: You won’t catch it unless you’re exposed to it. Honest. So there’s no sense in being so fatalistic. Avoiding it really can make a difference.

It’s science.

Evan Fisher


Staying safe

Last month, President Trump announced that he has deemed churches and other houses of worship “essential” and called on governors to allow them to reopen despite the threat of the coronavirus.

I already knew that my church is essential. I didn’t need the president to tell me so.

On the other hand, church members are not expendable. Trump should not be using them as pawns in his culture wars.

At least he endorsed the CDC guidelines, which were ready for release weeks ago.

One important aspect of the guidelines is that it’s entirely possible to feel healthy but still have COVID-19. I fear many will assume Trump to be giving them godly permission to go to church indiscriminately, where they will then be exposed to coronavirus.

My church is still meeting online because we care about each other. We don’t have to be in the same room to pray together. God understands and wants us to be healthy.

I don’t think Trump cares whether we’re healthy or not. If he did, he’d set a better example. He wouldn’t be asking, “What do you have to lose?” He’d be saying, “Do everything possible to keep yourselves safe.”

Mitch Little


Fewer than four years

The writer of the May 15 letter “Extenuating circumstances” says that the current weak economy is not President Trump’s fault — that there are, as he says, “extenuating circumstances.”

I just think it’s funny that in fewer than four years, Trump went from “I alone can fix it” to “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted last month, the Obama administration left Trump a step-by-step playbook for handling a pandemic. Trump threw it away. His current scapegoat, the World Health Organization, warned Trump that a pandemic was coming, as did intelligence officials, giving him plenty of time to “fix” it. We bought him two months by staying at home so he could come up with a plan and all he did was go on TV and argue with his own administration’s health officials.

He punted, leaving it all in the hands of governors. And now he’s tired of the effort and just wants to proclaim it over.

If he’s reelected in November, imagine what he can “fix” next.

Ron F. Slater


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