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YWCA’s critical services

The YWCA has been a United Way partner in our community for close to a century. The programs and services we fund have evolved through the years as the needs in Forsyth County changed. One thing is constant. Our community is better off with a strong and vibrant YWCA.

That’s the reason we were pleased to learn that the YWCA was recently able to sell its Gateway building, but will be able to remain in place under the provisions of a long-term lease.

This will allow the YWCA to focus on its critical services. Those include substance use recovery at the Hawley House; education programs at the Best Choice Center and health initiatives at the Gateway Center. These are all funded by United Way because they create life-changing outcomes for people who rely on them.

The YWCA is not a building, but a mission. We applaud the board and staff of the YWCA for the creative resolution that allows the organization to remain in place, and ensures that the unique community services it delivers are available into the future.

Cindy Gordineer


Gordineer is president and CEO of United Way of Forsyth County. — the editor

Never ending

It appears to me that the Readers’ Forum has become little more than a never-ending series of anti-Trump and anti-American rants. This seems to mirror the amazing leftward lurching of the national Democratic leadership, leaving a collapsing party with little chance of electability in 2020.

Like him or hate him, President Trump is accomplishing, in spades, exactly what he was elected to do.

Peter T. Wilson


Punished for decency

What does it mean to be “far left,” as President Trump’s defenders are saying about “the Squad,” the four liberal women in Congress that he recently attacked?

Rep. Ilhan Omar got in trouble for saying something that seemed anti-Semitic, I know, but she apologized.

Trump used anti-Semitic imagery in his presidential campaign. Did he ever apologize?

Usually when I hear Omar and the others talk, they seem to be speaking out against government corruption and for health care and education for all Americans. Is that what “far left” means? That doesn’t sound so radical to me.

We live in an age in which much of our political discourse consists of distortion, shallow thinking and bumper-sticker slogans. Both sides engage in it, but Trump presents a masterclass every time he stands before a microphone.

I was pleased to see some Republican legislators speak out against his racism after the Greenville rally. It took an extra measure of courage to do so because they’ll likely have to pay a political price for criticizing “Dear Leader.” There’s not much room for nuance in today’s Republican Party.

Imagine being punished by your own party for promoting decency. That must be a lonely feeling.

Wendy Marshall


U.S. anarchy

Nobody wants to take orders anymore. Isn’t that the beginning of chaos?

President Trump’s orders to control the southern border are referred to leftist judges, who decide that it’s not necessary to comply. The census takers need to know who’s a citizen and who’s not, but even that request from the administration is denied by the Supreme Court. Sanctuary cities operate brazenly in violation of federal law, saying “compassion” justifies their protection of illegal immigrants. In the ultimate bedlam, California cities flaunt their sanctuary disorder, tolerating public defecation, reviving typhus, perhaps plague.

Some say democracy fails in chaos and anarchy. Is the U.S. getting close to failure?

Richard Merlo


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