A proper memorial

My sincere thanks for the March 9 editorial on lynching, “Light unto darkness,” including numbers and a case in our state. Remembering this shameful history is important; memorializing it at the Equal Justice Memorial is proper and powerful.

Ann Listokin


Failure takes its toll

I read your article on the closing and vulnerability of rural hospitals with anger and frustration (“Study: Rural hospitals at risk,” March 1). It is agonizing to read again of how North Carolina’s failure to expand Medicaid continues to take its toll on people’s lives, health and job security.

While our state’s Republican leadership continues their stubborn partisan games, 1,400 North Carolinians died (as of 2017) because of lack of access to the health care they needed (according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities). It’s unconscionable that they refuse to expand Medicaid and ease the suffering of the people they’re supposed to represent. Instead, they’ve come up with a way to re-invent the wheel and spend millions of dollars on a managed-care scheme rather than just go with what we’ve seen actually works in other Republican-led states: expand Medicaid, improve health outcomes, bring in billions of dollars and generate tens of thousands of new jobs.

N.C. Senate candidate Terri LeGrand and N.C. House candidate Dan Besse have indicated that Medicaid expansion is at the top of their legislative priorities. We need a new slate of representatives in Raleigh who have the people’s well-being at heart.

Audrey Muck


Conservative review

Inspired by the March 6 letter “Troubles brewing,” a sort of free-form analysis of current Democratic personalities and events, I decided to write a review of recent Republican happenings.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs last week went off on Sen. Lindsay Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, for not doing anything to “investigate the investigators” — the so-called “deep state.” It never occurred to him that there just might not be anything to investigate. Just because Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones, the unholy trinity of conservative commentators, say something’s up doesn’t mean something’s up.

In an effort to ridicule concerns over coronavirus, Rep. Matt Gaetz spent a legislative day wearing a gas mask. Over the weekend, one of his constituents died of coronavirus. Gaetz was also exposed and had to put himself into quarantine. I wonder if he’s still laughing.

To round things out, President Trump accused Fox News itself of being on the Democrats’ side because it’s not praising him enough. During a phone interview with Sean Hannity, Trump said the channel had gone “politically correct.”

That’s right, the “fair and balanced” cable TV channel that constantly brags about being no. 1 decided it had better modify its views to become … I don’t know, what beats no. 1?

The Republicans used to think of themselves as “the grown-ups in the room.” Now they’re the conspiracy theorists in the alley.

Maybe they should stop drinking the conservative Kool-Aid and actually read the news.

Ron F. Slater


The big city

Re: “Music programs in jeopardy,” March 8, about music programs being cut in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Here’s a thought: How about all the big-deal HQs that headed out of Winston-Salem and made the mad dash to Charlotte cough up some dough for the music programs?

Come on, let’s hear it from Krispy Kreme, BB&T, Sun Trust or Truist or whatever they call themselves. They wanted to be in the big city, now they can support the people who live there.

Denise Healey


Trump response

Did President Trump go to medical school? He seems to think this coronavirus is not going to hurt people in our country. Plus, he has a vice president, Mike Pence, who knows nothing about this. Like Trump says, we’ll see what happens. I bet if anyone in his family got sick he would make sure they were OK.

We need a real president and vice president who have the education and knowledge to reach out and help the American people who are hurting. Our country had a great president — his name is Barack Obama. I wish he could come back; our country needs major healing.

James Fleming


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