I thought it might be useful to help clarify some things.

“Antifa” means anti-fascist. There’s no official organization named “antifa,” it’s just a term used to refer to anyone who actively opposes modern-day fascists. Lately that includes Portland, Ore., residents who don’t want fascists marching in their city spewing fascist hatred.

The Proud Boys — that’s the actual name of an actual modern-day fascist organization.

So last weekend when President Trump threatened via Twitter to designate antifa an “organization of terror” — whatever that means, it’s not a legal term — well, it’s baffling.

Fascism is evil. The Nazis were fascists. We fought in a world war against fascism. And we won.

Nobody associated with antifa has killed anyone, but fascists have.

Why would Trump have a problem with anti-fascists but not fascists?

Leland Stoat


They have the power

When will enough be enough? We have asked that question many times over the past years, and we must ask it again as our nation grieves over the many lives lost during multiple mass shootings in just one week.

Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Thom Tillis and Rep. Virginia Foxx have the power to stop this senseless carnage. There are gun-control bills passed by the House and just waiting for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to put on the floor of the Senate. It is time to legislate gun control now, and it must be on a federal level to avoid confusing, harmful and dangerous patchwork laws if left to individual states.

They cannot not hide behind the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers had no intention of giving civilians the power to use automatic artillery to slaughter innocent bystanders.

They cannot be bought by the NRA. A quid pro quo with the NRA does nothing but hurt our country, our state and their constituents.

They cannot be complicit about the rise of white nationalism. They must remember our original national motto, “E pluribus unum.” No one group is better than another. Hate crimes and domestic terrorism are on the rise and must be stopped.

It is time for them to lead our country and solve this terrible problem.

Carol Ashley


Now is the time

I am sure a lot of people talked about the tragedies that occurred recently, but now is the time to contact our leaders in Congress. We need to email them or write them or call them. I did so last week.

It doesn’t matter if one is a Democrat, Republican or independent. We need to tell them what we want to see happen.

I believe in the Second Amendment, but I do not believe in assault weapons being legal for average citizens. Those should be weapons for military only.

Also, though it would not stop some, there need to be better background checks. We need and must change some things to improve the lives of all.

I do not think the NRA should rule this nation. We, the people, should do that.

P.S.: I am a registered Republican.

Jean Nixon


Thanks, Journal

Thank you, Winston-Salem Journal, for being a great local paper, for publishing multiple views on the often difficult issues of our times, and for — well, for continuing to exist.

Many communities across the U.S. are losing their local papers. This is terrifying in a nation where an informed population is the foundation of our democracy.

While all newspapers do have their slants, honest newspapers and journalists (describing, in my opinion, the Journal) provide factual and serious coverage of issues. They also provide a forum for citizens to air views. The Journal does this. In these times when the phrase “fake news” is being tossed about to denigrate serious and factual reporting, it’s good to know the Journal is here in Winston-Salem, doing its best to inform us of facts and diverse perspectives.

Carolyn Schneider


The chaos in midfield

One thing America has taught me is that chaos can give rise to opportunities.

I like to think that is the situation now with Brexit.

These are the festering days of August when the holiday period for Parliament, and Congress, mean nothing but frustration. The clock is ticking.

September does provide an opportunity for an appropriate vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson. This could lead to a general election and possibly another referendum on Brexit. European leaders will surely allow another appropriate extension for the U.K.

To use a football analogy, it’s time for the chaos in midfield to produce a British-style Messi!

John Rees


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