Reckless action

The U.S. drone strike near the Baghdad, Iraq, airport is certain to have unintended consequences. President Trump ordered the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, but there were nine additional victims, including the Iraqi militia commander, Gen. Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The airstrike was a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and may make war with Iran more likely, although Trump said it was not intended to begin a conflict (“Trump: Killing was meant ‘to stop war’,” Jan. 4).

In 2015, the Islamic Republic of Iran reached a nuclear agreement with a group of world powers: the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the U.S., the United Kingdom, Russia, France and China — plus Germany and the European Union. But in May 2018, Trump decided to withdraw the U.S. from Iran’s nuclear deal struck under President Obama.

Assassinations are usually the work of terrorist groups and troubled individuals. Democracies prefer diplomacy.

But Trump has given up our place at the table with the other signers of the 2015 agreement. Our withdrawal from the agreement and our reckless action may encourage equally reckless action by Iran.

Charles E. Wilson


Abandoned principles

I read the “Trump Haters Forum” daily in your newspaper. Liberals who dominate your coverage there and who profess to be “tolerant, inclusive and diverse” find it necessary to abandon these principles when describing those who support President Trump.

Let’s see, I am a sycophant defender, a GOP lackey, a sheep-like follower, a lemming. I have abandoned all Republican principles, I am ignorant — well, no need to go on; I think my point is clear.

These same people have endorsed deficit spending, extreme liberal policies and negative and biased media for decades, but because of their extreme hatred for Trump, can find nothing that he does is good. Their Democratic candidates for office tell us how bad things are for the middle class and minorities, totally ignoring the truth.

What is it they don’t like about low unemployment (considered full employment), the lowest minority unemployment ever, rising wages, manufacturing returning to this country, a healthy stock market benefiting IRAs and 401 (k)s and many other significant improvements in America, resulting from a president who has tried very hard to do what he promised to do, in spite of the hatred spewed at him by the hypocrites in Congress, the media and the citizenry who are still whining because he defeated Hillary Clinton? I believe that Americans who think clearly will realize the hypocrisy frequently exemplified in your newspaper (and many others) and understand that the divisiveness it encourages is a result of distortion of the truth.

William C. Sides Jr.


Traditions and standards

The writer of the Jan. 1 letter “Support the president” is confused, claiming that liberals do not support “the traditions and standards that made America the envy of the world.” If you want to know who doesn’t support “all men are created equal,” look at some of the members of the Trump administration and their policies, which are based on inequality, prejudice and hatred.

And who supports protecting freedom of speech, the press and religion? Not President Trump! He contradicts these basic individual rights with his loud verbal attacks and frequent tweets that accuse his critics of treason and Muslims of terrorist acts against Americans.

The writer further states, “We should not exchange what works with untested practices.” Are you kidding me? Trump campaigned on replacing “what works” with “untested practices.” To name a few, he has criticized, belittled and deserted our allies, crippled American farmers with punitive tariffs, refused to obey subpoenas, found ways to funnel taxpayer dollars into his business, made threats against the Fed, appointed unqualified family members to important positions, and pulled the U.S. out of agreements that were working.

If this is “keeping America great,” then I am the one who is confused.

Gary Meeks


‘Cultural sites’

The 52 “cultural sites” that President Trump says he’ll target, should there be any Iranian response, are religious sites. Iran’s cultural sites and religious sites are one and the same. We are not targeting their museums and city parks and statues of past and present heroes.

The nastiness and “historical dredging” that brings Trump to the number 52 based on the number of hostages from decades ago only throws fuel onto a fire going back to 1979. Why should Trump remember back that far when he was then embroiled in his casino businesses in Atlantic City and Trump Airlines?

Flying by the seat of his pants, then and now.

Bruce C. Anderson


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