Back to normal

While I do agree with freedom of speech, I am concerned about the 1,000 protesters who gathered in Raleigh.

According to the Journal, a total of 6,951 people were infected as of April 21, causing 213 deaths (“New Forsyth COVID-19 cases remain low,” April 22). Of the 6,951 people infected statewide, 73.8% were from public gatherings. If one person carried the COVID-19 at the protest in Raleigh and social distancing guidelines were not followed (using the 73.8% guideline from public gatherings), we have the potential of 738 additional new cases of the virus. This total does not even capture possible external personal contact from each person during their travels to Raleigh. I have elder parents, children and grandchildren. Their safety and health I place above everything else.

The pictures I have seen of exhausted doctors, nurses and health care workers that are making such a tremendous sacrifice for humankind make my heart ache for them. This and the safety of my family makes me want to do whatever small part I can to get this illness under control so we can get everyone back to normal as soon as safely possible, not possibly further delay it.

Vickie Sharp


Following dreams

Eight years ago, I followed my dreams and created a business that grew larger than I ever imagined. I created real jobs, paid real wages and managed to make a living. You don’t open a business to get rich. You go into business to create something larger than yourself.

Earlier this month, I spent a solid week on hold while digging through my files for a PIN number in a letter from 2014. It was one of the undignified hurdles as I tried to mark my business closed due to COVID-19.

Finally, I got my 14 employees paid pennies compared to their typical earnings. Without the supplemental $600 from the Federal CARES Act, my employees couldn’t survive on North Carolina’s paltry unemployment insurance — one of the country’s lowest. Their bills haven’t decreased like their earnings have.

The difficulty in navigating these systems feels like it’s by design. Most small businesses applied for PPA at the same time as the big corporations but endured radio silence until news broke that the money was already gone. The funding went to the large corporations and the 1%. Are we to fall into the icy water while the rich and powerful take the lifeboats?

Small businesses and our employees need a lifeline; we are the backbone of our country. Gov. Roy Cooper and Mayor Allen Joines took the pandemic seriously and issued orders in the best interest of public health. We now need action for our economic health.

Danielle Bull


More important

“There are more important things than living,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Fox’s Tucker Carlson on April 20.

He went on to say, “Every life is valuable but 500 people out of 29 million and we’re locked down and we’re crushing the average worker, we’re crushing small business, we’re crushing the markets, we’re crushing this country.”

So money and comfort are more important than life. But when women need abortions because they can’t afford to raise children, that’s wrong.

I’m sure conservatives will find some way to split this hair, but I’m not buying it and no one else with a brain should, either.

Mary Linda Knox


To the librarians

I would like to give a shout out to the librarians in our Winston-Salem community.

They are always wonderful and helpful. However, during this pandemic they have been giving patrons access to books and DVDs. I am not aware of any other library system in the country that is doing this.

My friends are amazed that we have access to these materials, thanks to the wonderful library staff. My husband and I access our materials through Reynolda Manor Library and the staff is kind, helpful and patient. I want to express appreciation for the fine work they are doing in making our lives better and expanding our minds beyond the stay-at-home walls.

Janis Squire



One can only wonder. So many people dying. The doctors and nurses are working in hospitals day and night, putting their skills to work to save lives — thank you for all you are doing. Our government leaders should be by your side.

One leader stands out and that is Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He will answer questions without bad-mouthing reporters. He is concerned about the well-being of his fellow Americans.

It is hard to listen to President Trump stand in the Rose Garden, saying what he says. How can a president say these things? This stings. There should be a law to remove anyone from office if they do harm to our country.

To all of the people who have died: Peace be with you. To the families who lost someone: May you have healing in your days to come. It is hard and sad.

James Fleming


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