Different things

I appreciate the Sept. 8 letter “Step up,” and I intend to answer the letter writer’s question about which candidate this Trump-hater prefers.

But first, a note: After hearing Sen. Ted Cruz use the same phrase as the letter writer, I wonder if “Trump-hater” isn’t another one of those phrases that means different things to liberals and conservatives.

To conservatives, I suspect it means someone who has a knee-jerk reaction to President Trump because of some personal or political distaste — kind of like how they reacted to President Obama.

To liberals like me, it means someone who has observed Trump’s words and actions and realizes the detrimental effect he’s having on the country. He’s changing America from a shining city on a hill to a bunker of fear, greed and bigotry. My hatred of Trump is a product of my love for the country.

I support Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She’s tough; she’s thoughtful; she’s intelligent; and she always sides with citizens/consumers over corporate forces that want nothing from us but more of our money. Electing Warren would make America smart, kind and bold.

Phil Ronald Turner


An evil blow

The Republicans’ move in the N.C. House of Representatives, on Sept. 11, to lie to the Democrats and then sneak in an override of Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto, is an evil blow to fairness and the principles of democracy (“N.C. House overrides Cooper’s vetoes,” Sept. 12). I guess that if the Republicans can’t put anything above their political party, our republic is looking down the barrel of an AK-45.

We beat back the Nazis and Communists, but can we survive this cruel attack on all North Carolinians? Shame, shame, shame. Our founders are all turning in their graves!

Michael Newman


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