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Apples to oranges

The writer of the June 21 letter “Peaceful profession” thinks comparing taxes to pay for abortion to taxes to pay for war is like comparing apples to oranges. I appreciate his service, but he’s wrong; it’s exactly the same.

Of course he portrays military service in beneficial terms: “Peace is our profession.” Of course he’s opposed to war, but realizes that sometimes it’s necessary.

The comparison holds better than the writer realizes: Nobody likes abortion, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Not all of our military actions have been defensive; even President Trump admits that the invasion of Iraq was wrong. We’ve occupied Afghanistan for almost 20 years — is that for defensive purposes? When Trump almost bombed Iran last week over a drone, was that for defensive purposes?

All Americans have to pay for those actions even though many of us oppose them.

We also have to pay for subsidies to oil companies that make little sense, as well as other projects that shift money from poor people to rich people. The point is that, agree with their reasoning or not, we all have to pay taxes for things we don’t want and there’s no reason paying for abortions should be different.

The letter writer says that liberals seem to have no moral values. It seems to me that opposing foreign military interventions that kill innocent people and generate hatred toward America is a moral value.

Buddy Osborne


Taking credit

Some of President Trump’s lies can be pretty humorous. Windmills cause cancer. His New York-born father was born in Germany. They’re so absurd, and so unnecessary, that we can get a good laugh from them.

But I can’t help being angered when I hear Trump take credit for a veterans program that didn’t involve him at all.

“We passed VA Choice,” Trump said in Orlando on June 18 as he announced his re-election campaign. “You go out now, you get a doctor, you fix yourself up, the doctor sends us the bill, we pay for it and you know what? It doesn’t matter because the life and the veteran is more important.”

Actually, President Barack Obama signed the “VA Choice” bill into law in 2014. Trump did extend the law last year, but that’s not what he claims.

And to add insult to injury, Trump recently told ABC News, “The vets — the VA was in horrible shape. Now, they have choice. And nobody could get choice. John McCain couldn’t get it. Nobody could get it. They tried for years. They couldn’t get it. I got choice for the vets.”

Actually, Sen. John McCain specifically pushed for that provision in the law that Obama signed. Trump is literally taking credit for McCain’s and Obama’s accomplishment.

Yes, that angers me. It’s like wearing a medal for a war in which he actually didn’t fight. It’s hard to imagine anyone going much lower than that.

Evan Fisher


Trump and peace

Say what you will about President Trump — and you will — but when he expressed concern for the lives that could have been lost had we bombed Iran, he made progress toward peace.

The development “opened the way for offers of diplomacy from other world leaders,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Liberals like to portray Trump as a heartless warmonger, but he could have taken us to war last week, a war that would have devastated Iran. Instead he chose mercy. Instead he chose to let the Iranians know that he wants to have peace. We’re now prepared to talk with Iran without preconditions.

Stay tuned. Maybe Trump will earn a Nobel Peace Prize.

Roberta Harrison


New name

For the new name of BB&T and SunTrust, why not BB&ST?

Wyatt Helsabeck


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