Concerned with the truth

The day after the first day of impeachment testimony, my news feed was full of commentary about how well the Republicans did or how well the Democrats did.

I realize that will influence what will happen. But I wish politicians were less concerned with how their party did and more concerned with what the truth is.

That’s only going to happen, though, when the public starts rejecting politicians who are willing to manipulate the truth for political gain and electing politicians who are honest.

Considering the current president of the United States, I don’t think we’ve ever been so far from that goal.

Charles Camden


Permanently leave

After watching more than 12 hours of the impeachment proceedings on Nov. 13 and 15, my bias has been confirmed. It is time for our president to resign, step down, retire or whatever word would describe his permanently leaving his present job as leader of the free world and as our country’s commander-In-chief.

Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution addresses possible reasons a president may leave or be removed from office. One of the reasons is “Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office.” Why don’t we just forget impeachment and have Congress declare that Trump is unable to discharge his duties?

There is ample evidence he is not discharging his duties. Has he even glanced at the Constitution? Does he know how to spell “protocol”? He obviously does not know how to appoint competent people to demanding positions with specific job expectations such as Secretary of Education or administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He has failed as a negotiator and thinks we do not really need career diplomats, because we have him to handle all international issues and crises.

Our president continues to expose our nation to extreme danger by alienating our allies, denying the real threat of climate change, ignoring our intelligence agencies, encouraging other nations to interfere in our elections and callously withdrawing from international treaties and agreements.

These are perilous times and we need stable, focused, courageous, informed, selfless leaders to guide the way and champion the common good.

Charles Francis Wilson


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