No charges

Way to bury the lead, Journal.

According to the Oct. 19 story “Clinton email probe finds violations by 38” on page B5, “The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of private email,” and it found nothing to charge her with. After three years of investigations, the state department has cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing. The Trump administration’s state department. Just like seven or eight previous investigations — some conducted behind closed doors, incidentally — this one found nothing to charge her with.

So I suppose President Trump’s supporters will retire their “lock her up” chant. After all, they’re reasonable people, aren’t they?

Linda Patrick


Vote for Jane Welch

Jane Welch, experienced, knowledgeable and committed to public service, would again serve Lewisville well as a Town Council member. I have known Jane for a very long time and have served several terms with her on the Lewisville Town Council, as well as on nonprofit boards and committees. Jane is a very talented, independent thinker and a proven leader, whose contributions to Lewisville’s government in its formative years have led to the success it enjoys today.

Jane is known for seeking, listening and being reactive to public input. She is a true fiscal conservative who will insure citizens receive the best value for their tax dollars. Vote for Jane Welch for Town Council to make sure Lewisville continues to move forward and remains a great place to live and raise families.

Dan R. Pugh


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