That spirit of giving

Merry Christmas, everybody! It is time to unleash that spirit of giving. There are so many ways to share and care for others. Make out helper coupons to brighten someone’s holiday. An exhausted new mother would love a babysitting offer so she can take a nap or treat her to a spa day. A soldier would love a home-cooked meal or a care package from home. Take a child shopping to let him or her experience the joy of giving. Leave a tip for that overworked waiter or a thank-you card to your doctor and nurse. Sit with an elderly friend making special memories.

I am trying to make this extra special for my family since my daddy died last Christmas and we really missed him. My granddaughter and I had plans to make cookies but we ate all the dough. Next, we’ll build our annual gingerbread house, sing carols, watch movies and play lots of games. My favorite fun is decorating the tree and wishing for snow.

Please do at least one kindness this season and watch the ripple it starts. It’s amazing and contagious.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Teri Lu Wilson Mabe


Christmas wishes

Fifty years ago when I was 8 years old, I wanted a sled for Christmas.

I also wanted a tent and a new baseball glove and a Major Matt Mason action figure with a space crawler and a moon base.

I got socks and a fuzzy cap.

In truth, I don’t remember what I got. It was a long time ago.

This year, I want peace for Christmas. I want people to stop yelling at each other over politics. I want politicians to stop telling lies and voters to stop being gullible enough to believe them. I want people to stop blaming struggling people for their problems. I want people to be generous and assume the best about those who are different from them rather than the worst.

I want people to smile and laugh rather than frown and holler.

I don’t know if I’ll get that this year. I kind of doubt it. But maybe we’ll have it for a few days, and that would be something.

Bobby Fields


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