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Hysteria and calm

The May 20 letter “Some critical questions” refers to “continuing Democratic hysteria over the Mueller report …” The fact is that the Democrats, for the most part, led by Rep. Jerry Nadler, have been very patient with Attorney General William Barr, former White House Counsel Don McGhan, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and others who are refusing to cooperate with the U.S. House. I would have had them arrested by now.

Considering President Trump’s stonewalling and the abrogation of oversight responsibilities from Republicans, a little hysteria might be appropriate. Instead, Democrats are handling themselves in a very decorous manner.

If the letter writer can’t tell hysteria from calm, we must wonder about the rest of his armchair assertions.

The Russians attacked our election to benefit Trump. Trump tried to derail investigations into Russia’s efforts because he was afraid he might be implicated — or revealed. Despite Barr’s evasive maneuvers, evidence abounds in the Mueller report that Trump tried to obstruct justice. He’s trying to obstruct justice now by keeping Democrats from seeing evidence and interviewing witnesses.

The question remains, if Trump is innocent, what is he trying to hide?

The truth will come out.

Larry Barnhart


Human rights

“Abortion is a human right,” read signs held by pro-abortion protesters. What about the human rights of unborn children whose beating hearts are about to be stopped? Do mothers have human rights to end the lives of children developing in wombs? Is the human right they claim ending the unborn child’s life given them by God, or just because the child is in their body? Will the next logical human right of mothers (and/or fathers) be to end the life of a born child because of birth defects? Do abortion supporters agree with two murder charges a drug dealer is facing who sold heroin to an expectant mother?

Gov. Roy Cooper supports abortion and vetoed the Born Alive bill, yet he supports parental leave to adjust to life with new babies. When does our governor believe children should be granted human rights? In the birth canal, delivery room, nursery or when they leave the hospital?

Throughout time, slave owners have claimed a right to abuse, neglect, rape or even kill their slaves because they were their property. History has been filled with examples of husbands who treated their wives as their property. Many Third World countries/tribes still protect this ownership mentality today.

Thank God for all working today to end the wholesale killing of unborn children. Thank God for all who labored to end slavery and free oppressed minorities. Children in the womb are humans and our Declaration of Independence declares humans to have unalienable rights!

Pastor Robert Hutchens


More Rubin

To the letter writer (“No more Rubin,” May 22) who believes that columnist Jennifer Rubin is a left-wing liberal: She is a Republican neoconservative. Look her up. She speaks truth.

Mary Jo Whitley



In regard to the May 22 letter “No more Rubin,” I will repeat myself. I have suggested to any reader who wants a particular op-ed columnist to be removed (to quote the Ray Stevens song “The Streak”): Don’t look, Ethel. If any part of the paper offends you, don’t read it.

I don’t read all of the comics, either.

David F. Carter


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