Our representatives’ legacy

It seems that every elected Republican in America is afraid of the bully in the White House. This will be their legacy.

There are questions I wish I could ask Rep. Virginia Foxx, Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis:

If our next Democratic president — and there will be one, if this Republic stands — is impeached, will you defend the act of withholding crucial documents that Congress has a right to review?

Will you defend the next Democratic president if duly served subpoenas are ignored and witnesses are ordered not to testify?

Will you defend the next Democratic president’s presumed right to follow President Trump’s lead in ignoring the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution while possibly enriching — how can we know? — the White House family?

Trump promised to reveal his tax returns. He has not.

He promised to put his assets into a blind trust. He has not.

Many of Trump’s abuses of his office have been to the advantage of Russia. Is this the legacy you want?

I voted against Trump, as did the majority of American voters. And I fear that we are witnessing the crumbling of the United States of America under the leadership of an authoritarian would-be dictator, just as we are witnessing the crumbling integrity our own N.C. representatives who tremble in fear of Trump’s tweets.

I suggest that Trump’s supporters change their hats to read MRGA: Make Russia Great Again.

Helen Etters



I am writing this to complain about Scott Sexton’s column about Doug Shields (“It’s taboo to speak ill of the dead, and yet ….” Dec. 5). He was convicted and did his time many years ago; why bring this up the day after his funeral? That was very rude and tasteless. His three daughters and friends are mourning his death — could you not wait?

I guess a story is more important than a man’s family.

Wow. Just wow.

Amy Bowman


Our health and welfare

I’d like to thank the Forsyth County commissioners for their bipartisan support of moving our community toward 100% clean and renewable energy sources (“Forsyth adopts 2050 climate goal,” Dec. 6). In this day and age, it is encouraging to see our elected representatives working across party lines for the health and welfare of our community.

The science is clear, and it is settled. Carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is warming our planet and affecting our weather patterns. Shifting our energy choices to clean renewables will make a significant difference. Thankfully, the worldwide adoption of these technologies has lowered costs to equal to or below those of dirty fossil fuels. This means that the choices the Forsyth County commissioners and county manager now make will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating a healthier environment, but will be economically beneficial.

I encourage the Winston-Salem City Council and other local town councils to follow suit.

Janet Loew


Is it true?

If in fact President Trump conditioned a meeting with the Ukrainian president and/or military aid to Ukraine upon the public announcement of an investigation of the Bidens, what difference does it make that at least some Democrats have been looking to impeach the president all along? Either he did it or he didn’t. That the cops may have tried to pin prior fires on a suspected arsonist doesn’t mean he didn’t start the current fire under investigation, does it? Each case stands on its own facts that tend to prove or disprove guilt.

We all should insist on a full and complete production of documents and testimony from witnesses that bear on whether “he did it or he didn’t,” and ignore documents and testimony that don’t help to answer that question, such as testimony of the whistleblower or House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff or anyone else regarding how the president’s behavior first came to light. It is the circumstances of the fire we should focus on, not the 911 call.

Steve Fletcher


If ...

If President Trump gets impeached, does that mean we don’t get the Space Force?

Tom Winfree


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