Winston-Salem proud

The Journal’s article “No Problem” in the May 17 edition once again points to the remarkable depth and breadth of talent this little community has either spawned or attracted.

Liz Bergstone, in that article, is a great example of an international talent who decided to make Winston-Salem her home and still has an international reach. We have musicians like Big Ron Hunter, who has an international following, world-renowned Maestro Peter Perret, Hollywood producer Dale Pollack and our very own Maya Angelou. These are a very few of the countless others who enrich us, entertain us and generally make us proud!

Our city mothers and fathers, starting with Mayor Allen Joines on down, have worked so diligently to truly create a City of the Arts and Innovation.

We should all be proud!

David Rodwell


Worth a thought

A sincere “thank you” to Craig Schaub for his thoughtful May 16 guest column, “Everybody’s got a right to live,” a spot-on reminder not only to view our world as it is, but a call to see our world as it should be.

One added relevant point, I believe, on addressing “the crisis for our undocumented neighbors”: Undocumented workers (ineligible for federal emergency aid) paid more than $32 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2018. Worth a thought? Nary a stimulus or unemployment check for them!

Wendy Glen


Laying it out

This was sparked by the May 20 letter “We are adults.”

The writer of that letter has clearly never lived through a pandemic. So let’s lay it out: COVID-19 is highly contagious and is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. And guess what: The virus does not care whether we “need to” get a haircut or whether we want to “make these decisions” ourselves about pretending life is normal. The virus will infect us if possible, infect those we contact if possible, and infect those they contact if possible. The writer’s opinion, skepticism and impatience do not matter to the spread of a virus. What we do and don’t do matters, and it matters beyond just our own adult selves. The virus is happy to spread from us to lots of others, but if we are not out there where it can get us, we won’t be carriers. That’s the real point here.

If the writer had ever heard of Typhoid Mary, this conversation wouldn’t be needed.

And if he had ever lived in a real dictatorship, there would be no bluster about “dictators” either.

Shirlie Pinkham


Says it all

I’m reluctant to waste time on President Trump’s latest distraction from his failure to lead us through the coronavirus crisis, but for everyone who thinks that Gen. Michael Flynn should be forgiven for lying about his Russian contacts because he shouldn’t have been asked in the first place, former (George W.) Bush speechwriter David Frum wrote a tweet on May 18:

New rules:

  • Collusion is now patriotic
  • Emoluments are now entitlements
  • Lying to the FBI now makes you a victim
  • Attempting to safeguard US elections from clandestine foreign interference is now the real crime

That says it all, doesn’t it?

Remember when Russia was our enemy? That was before it wanted us to elect Trump.

How times change.

Monty Owen


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