Giving to others

In “The Greatest Generation,” Tom Brokaw tells the story of three soldiers. They were in a hospital together at the end of World War II recovering from serious wounds. One had lost an arm; another had lost the complete use of an arm. They could have all given up. Instead they gained strength from their time of weakness. They decided to take what they gained from the experience and address the needs of others through public service.

The three men were Sens. Daniel Inouye, Robert Dole and Phil Hart.

Whether or not one is infected with the coronavirus, we are all experiencing stresses we have never encountered before; we are feeling weak. But as those senators and Sen. John McCain demonstrated, we can all gain strength from times of weakness.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.” So call your neighbors to check if they might be feeling “weaker” than you. Now is the time to be strong — share a bold idea you may have been reluctant to present to leadership as we all aim to be part of the solution. But most importantly, don’t waste time and energy criticizing our leaders — become one.

Tom S. Williams


Snake-in-the-grass behavior

I am furious with Sen. Richard Burr for his latest snake-in-the-grass behavior: selling up to $1.5 million in stocks, including hotel chains, in mid-February (“Burr gave dire warning weeks ago,” March 20). This was weeks before he warned a private, closed group of his high-end donors that the coronavirus was akin to the 1918 pandemic, it would be more aggressive than anything we have seen, and warned them to rethink European travel for themselves and their businesses.

Did Burr see fit to make this same information public? Of course not. Because at that time Trump was still feeding us the pablum of no problem, everything’s going to be fine, no epidemic here. Terrified of speaking truth that would contradict Trump, Burr protected his monied friends and cared not about the rest of us.

How low can Burr go? He, and no doubt his cronies, took their money and ran and didn’t give one damn about their participation in helping the market crash and rain down financial destruction on others. I’ve got mine, too bad about you: typical Republican response to any financial situation.

But remember: Back in 2012, Burr was one of only three senators to vote against the Stock Act, a bill that explicitly prevents members of Congress and their staffs from using nonpublic information for insider trading, Protecting himself then — and now.

Burr’s recent actions are an unacceptable display of unethical, immoral, self-aggrandizing hypocritical behavior and he should be forced to resign immediately.

Lois Roewade


Saving us from China

How’s that “global society” and “open borders” philosophy working out? Leaders of both parties and business executives sold their souls and put profit before people. They decided to save money by using cheap labor in China to make everything we buy: Our meds, clothes, shoes, computers, phones, appliances and car parts, to name a few. The majority of U.S. debt is owned by China. It owns many corporations and prime properties in the U.S. and steals our intellectual property. Meanwhile, it’s responsible for more air pollution than the rest of the world combined.

One man called them out: Donald Trump. The fake news media and the far-left filled our heads with hate and fear for this man, yet he continues to reverse these horrible situations. The coronavirus pandemic has proved him right. Borders matter and this trade imbalance must change. We cannot be held hostage by a foreign power. Our products and our jobs must return if we are to regain our independence.

George Washington saved us from the British and Ronald Reagan saved us from Soviet Russia. Now, Trump is doing his best to save us from Communist China. Thanks to his great, unwavering leadership and indomitable spirit, we will survive this medical and economic emergency. But if the U.S. is to regain its former glory, Trump must remain in office for a second term and both the Senate and House must have a conservative majority. If not, the United States will become nothing more than a Chinese colony.

Stanley G. Simm


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