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A lasting consequence

I feel the need to write regarding a topic that may or may not have any great import or lasting consequences; not for the next election, the tariffs, the border wall and immigration or the Mueller report.

If the taprooms and bars are allowed to let patrons enter with their dogs and cats on leashes (“Move to allow dogs in breweries still in play,” May 15), resulting in the bars and taprooms being required to use drink ware that is not washable but disposable, are we not filling the landfills unnecessarily with plastic waste that will remain for generations? We are pleasing a few people now but punishing generations to come with plastic waste that is detrimental to people, plants and the planet as a whole.

Personally, I consider that a lasting and unnecessary consequence.

Jane Olmsted


A fourth branch

I would like to propose a fourth branch of government.

At the present time we have an executive branch that refuses to adhere to the Constitution, a legislative branch that is powerless and too divided to execute its duties and a judicial branch that has become politically one-sided. “We the People” need to have a say in order to restore that strong and honest government we should expect but is no longer provided to us by our elected officials.

Presently we are bombarded with information, not all of which is truthful. We need to see for ourselves un-redacted information so we, as Americans, can stop fighting among ourselves because we have been deprived of true, factual and complete information. If our elected and appointed branches of government cannot abide by the U.S. Constitution because the system has become tainted, then I think it’s time for us, the American people, to be named the “fourth branch of government.” It should give us the right to call for a special vote to settle these current and all future seminal matters (i.e., declarations of war) — since it is “We the People” who supply the blood and the finances that are so evidently being squandered by our other branches of government.

William D. Coats


It happens here

The story in the May 20 Journal, “Some elder care homes turn profits at workers’ expense,” is incomplete. Low-cost, untrained workers also result in substandard care for patients in retirement homes. Recovering from a broken hip in a “skilled” nursing facility, I myself experienced difficulties because of this trend. Yes, it happens here in Winston-Salem.

Rose M. Walsh


Something different

Reading your May 13 editorial, “We are destroying our future,” gave me that old dismal feeling of deja vu, of looking back, through an infinity of mirrors, at a string of similar warnings. They’re well-reasoned, logical, important. Yet almost every single one seems to be followed by ... pretty much nothing. We keep ignoring Einstein, keep doing the same thing (nothing) and expecting different results (something).

Just as I was beginning to feel hopeless about it all, my granddaughter Bailey called. She’s getting ready for her high school graduation. Asked (as grandparents always ask) about her college and career plans, she told me she’s going into environmental science, like her older cousin Rachel, who recently graduated from college and is already working in the field.

This reminded me that Philip, the young man next door, just got his certificate to teach high school science — including stewardship of our planet. And Jessica, a friend’s daughter, is also speaking out for needed changes.

These young people seem sincerely concerned about taking action — like finding, encouraging and electing candidates who will take some responsibility for our planet. So maybe they’re really listening.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re on the verge of trying something different this time.

David Hatcher


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