A cute stunt

That’s a cute stunt pulled by Democratic state Rep. Darren Jackson, taking a lie detector test about the dispute over the veto override and challenging Republican state representatives to do the same (“Stances harden on veto override,” Sept. 24).

But that’s all it is, a stunt.

There’s a reason lie detector tests aren’t admitted in court — they’re unreliable. They’re not scientifically verifiable. They’re junk science.

That’s kind of like Jackson’s claim that Republicans lied to him.

They knew that House Speaker Tim Moore was looking for an opportunity to overturn Gov. Roy Cooper’s ridiculous veto. They should have been in the House chamber that day. Instead, they want to blame Republicans for their laziness.

With their new court-manipulated district maps, let’s see how these whining Democrats do in 2020. We’ll know then whether the voters see through their nonsense.

Gary C. Parent


Children can see

After Greta Thunberg spoke to the UN, I heard conservatives complaining that her talk wasn’t scientific, it was emotional. They even called it “religious” — which usually isn’t a problem for them.

But she wasn’t there to make a scientific case about climate change. That case has already been made, over and over again. It’s been established by government agencies and scientists that President Trump has tried to quash.

Thunberg’s speech was a righteous outpouring of rage to the world leaders who are willing to let this planet melt rather than make sacrifices for their own children’s future. They’re willing to let the planet’s weather become more volatile and parts of the planet become uninhabitable. They’re willing to let poverty increase and create populations of climate refugees — many of whom will be illegal, by the way — because they can make money from the turmoil. That’s despicable.

The children can see what’s happening. They can see the indifference their parents exhibit for the planet. They can see the hypocrisy of people who call themselves Christians but don’t care about the creation God put under their stewardship. They can see the greed of our society, which thinks $1.15 gas is more important than clean air.

Thunberg deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (I’d like her to receive it just so we can watch Trump’s head explode with envy) and she deserves more — like every child, she deserves a clean planet.

Linda Patrick


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