A dubious ally

President Trump sent one tweet to Iranian leaders and one tweet to Iranians who have recently rallied against their leaders. On Jan. 12, Trump tweeted to Iranian leaders, “DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS.” On Jan. 11, Trump tweeted to Iranian protesters, “... my government will continue to stand with you.”

Can anyone count on Trump to have their backs besides patriotic Americans who love their leader unwaveringly and shout at his rallies such things as, “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” and “Make America Great Again”? Can anyone count on Trump besides fanatical followers who are safe at home in America?

The Kurds believed they had a strong ally in Trump’s military. After fighting a long, hard battle against ISIS and losing thousands of their troops, Trump didn’t defend them against a merciless enemy. He pulled American troops from Syria’s northern border and allowed Turkey to destroy the lives the Kurdish fighters were making for themselves and their families.

Trump looked really bad after the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. A wave of patriotism spread through Iran as this general was mourned. This patriotism held until it came to light that Iranian leaders attempted to cover up the downing of a Ukrainian jetliner by their military. Trump pledges support to his newly found sympathizers: young Iranian protesters.

I’m an American. I feel pride when my country protects and defends fledgling movements calling for justice. I’m just not convinced that Trump can be trusted.

Marshall A. Mays


Cloverdale Apartments

Has anyone proposed transforming the Cloverdale Apartments into senior citizen housing — apartments and condominiums (“Last call for Cloverdale,” Jan. 13)?

They are low-rise, low-density in a mature landscaped setting so that neighbors can actually get to know one another. They are accessible to parks, shopping and the hospital, and close to the Ardmore neighborhood with its sidewalks.

The high-rise apartment market in Winston-Salem geared to young professionals appears saturated and, let’s be frank, its architecture has gotten ubiquitous and monotonous.

My understanding is that Winston-Salem would like to attract and retain retirees as well as millennials. But for those who do not wish to move to a retirement community, there are not many “downsized” housing choices.

A goal of Heather Fearnbach’s book, “Winston-Salem’s Architectural Heritage,” was to inventory and identify significant architectural sites in the city; she cited the Cloverdale Apartments as an important part of our post-war history.

With adaptive reuse and community resolve, the Cloverdale Complex could be an important part of Winston-Salem’s future.

Margaret Supplee Smith


Work for peace

I am so tired — already — of all the “Pray for our troops” and “God keep our brave men and women safe” comments being posted to social media.

My father used to say, “God helps those who help themselves.” We have it within our power to help our troops without divine intervention. How? Don’t send them into harm’s way in the first place. And how do we accomplish that? Well, it isn’t by putting an incompetent failed reality TV show host, his family and a Congress full of complicit Republicans in charge.

Get rid of President Trump, his children and inept staff, and every last one of the Republicans in Congress. Replace them with honest men and women from whichever party we choose as long as they are people who want to work towards peace.

In the meantime, don’t waste God’s time by praying for protection for our troops. He/She is sitting there waiting for us to clean up our own mess, ready and willing for us to turn to Him/Her when all else fails.

Robert Vorbroker


Five more

In his recent rendition of “thinking,” President Trump wanted to target 52-odd Iranian sites in retaliation for ... in honor of ... just because ... for the heck of it. I humbly suggest that he also include five additional ones to commemorate his spurious bone-spur deferments and disqualifications from that ancient conflict called Vietnam.

Charles Swanson


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