To serve their community

I want to thank all of those who voted on Nov. 5 in our local election for the Village of Clemmons. The candidates expose themselves to criticisms in order to serve their community. Do not judge anyone whether they won or lost, only that they were willing to put themselves out there for you, the citizens and your community.

Thanks for re-electing me and I look forward to serving the community for the next four years.

Mike Rogers



DACA ‘criminals’

In today’s edition of “Stupid Things Presidents Tweet,” on Tuesday morning, President Trump tweeted: “Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels.’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals.”

Here’s why it’s stupid: According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, those who commit “a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, or three or more other misdemeanor offenses” are not eligible for DACA. Neither are those who pose a public safety threat, which “include, but are not limited to, gang membership, participation in criminal activities, or participation in activities that threaten the United States.”

Numerous studies have shown that illegal immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than U.S. citizens. DACA recipients are the exact opposite of hardened criminals.

Why doesn’t the president know that?

I understand that people like their politics. They hear someone say something that sounds good to them. It’s just what they think.

But at some point even the most stubborn Republican is going to have to wake up to the fact that Trump is ignorant and incompetent. If he’s done anything good for the American people, it was entirely by accident while he was trying to do something good for himself.

Tommy H. Simmons


True colors

The article that appeared in the Nov. 5 Journal (“Graham pushes ‘Pray for 45’ T-shirts”) just shows Franklin Graham’s true mission in life. And in my opinion, it is not about spreading the Gospel.

It is past time for Franklin Graham to drop any pretense he has about being an evangelical. His Decision America Tour, which he thinly veils as a religious tour, as well as this most recent political sales gimmick, clearly show his true colors. He is just another political hack for President Trump.

I do agree, as the Bible says, to pray for our leaders and I do. I have no problem with him supporting a political party, candidate or even Donald Trump. But he needs to stop usurping religion to further this political agenda. This is clearly his agenda and has been for a good many years.

He once asked on “Morning Joe” if he thought President Obama is a Christian. His reply was, “You have to ask him.”

I wonder how he would answer the same question about Donald Trump.

Ronald Leonard


Health-care solutions?

According to a new national survey released on Nov. 12, more than 13% of Americans — about 34 million people — have a friend or family member who died sometime in the last five years after not receiving needed medical treatment because they were unable to pay for it.

Why is President Trump worrying about a damn border wall when Americans are dying because they can’t afford to pay for medical care? Why is he trying to end coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Does the free market have a solution for our health crisis? Does capitalism?

If they have any answers, they’d better start offering them, because what conservatives call “socialism” looks better to me every day.

Reggie Branson


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