An honest effort

I am sure that you will take a lot of heat for your Feb. 7 editorial, “The questionable acquittal,” but I wanted to thank you for the courage and the specificity of your complaints about our senators and their weakness, especially Richard Burr, who had nothing to lose. I know you don’t want to alienate any of your readers, so I am grateful for your effort to portray things as honestly as you see them.

James Hans


The best thing

President Trump is the best thing for the U.S. since sliced bread.

Harold Dyson


Vote for Linville

One contest that will be determined by the outcome of the primary election on March 3 is that of Forsyth County clerk of Superior Court. This is a very important post because the clerk of court’s office basically runs the civil and criminal judicial systems in Forsyth County.

The clerk of court needs to be someone who is experienced with all facets of the judicial system. Our present clerk of Superior Court, Renita Thompkins Linville, was appointed by Judge Todd Burke when our previous clerk of court retired last summer. Linville has been running the clerk’s office for more than seven months and has shown herself to be very capable as clerk and a very good administrator.

Linville, before being appointed clerk, practiced law in Winston-Salem for about 30 years and practiced in every court room in the courthouse, therefore she is fluent in all facets of the judicial system because she has been there and done that. I’ve known Linville for 30 years and we’ve worked on cases together, I know from personal experience and observation that she is thorough, dedicated and competent. She needs to remain our clerk because she is the better choice.

Vote for Renita Linville for clerk of Superior Court.

Ronald J. Short


Reelect Larson

Reelect John Larson for South Ward City Council member. John is the candidate with experience and the last three years have shown that he is a great leader for our ward. His time as an officer in the military and his years as vice president for architectural restoration at Old Salem Inc. taught him well.

He has accomplished so much for our ward. John has fought for extra funding for our infrastructure needs, our parks and neighborhoods. I greatly admire his ability to bring the dollars to our part of the city since that was not a strength of his predecessor.

Let’s keep John Larson on the job for the benefit of the South Ward of Winston-Salem.

Molly Leight


Leight was the South Ward representative from 2005 to 2016. — the editor

Protecting liberties

Thank you, Forsyth County residents who braved inclement weather to attend the county commissioners meeting on Feb. 6 (“Forsyth latest to become 2nd Amendment county,” Feb. 7). I especially want to thank the many advocates who expressed their support of the second resolution option that was offered. That option expressed support of the Bill of Rights. I vehemently agree with the anti-Federalists that the Bill of Rights codified the protection of individual liberties.

The outcome of the vote was disappointing, but my hope is that we will continue to advance the best image of Forsyth County and avoid tactics to divide our community.

Fleming El-Amin


El-Amin is a Forsyth County commissioner for District A. — the editor

Not a word

President Trump was fined $2 million for defrauding eight charities. Not a peep.

Trump was videotaped goofing off, waving his arms, chit-chatting during the national anthem while his wife and son stood still with their hands on their hearts. Not a word.

After being announced by the U.S. Marine Band playing “Hail to the Chief,” Trump made a public address during which he said a word you won’t print that starts with “b” and ends with “it.” Who cares?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped a few sheets of paper in half and Republicans want to charge her with a crime.

We simply can’t take Republicans seriously.

Buddy Osborne


Election letter deadline

Letters about the March 3 primary election must be received no later than 9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, to be considered for publication.

Please submit letters online, with full name, address and telephone number, to or mail letters to: The Readers’ Forum, 418 N. Marshall St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Letters are subject to editing and are limited to 250 words. For more guidelines and advice on writing letters, go to

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