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Bring it on

The writer of the June 14 letter “The biggest fraud” suggests that if President Trump is impeached, then the Senate will start a trial and call “Hillary Clinton, political strategist Donna Brazille, former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the disgraced FBI agents and Obama staffers,” who would be “subject to jail time if they lie and are convicted of perjury for their own ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’”

Is the letter writer aware that many of these people have already testified under oath? They’re not allergic to it, like Trump.

We’re supposed to believe that the Mueller report is “case closed” and that calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify is a waste of time, but somehow, dragging these former public figures before the Senate is supposed to blow the lid off something or other?

What would the questions be? “Have you ever plotted against the president?” How about: “Do you have reason to believe the president obstructed justice?” No, never mind, forget that.

Republican legislators regularly reveal their idiocy when questioning witnesses, like they did last week with Watergate witness John Dean. I say bring it on. Let it all hang out.

Ron F. Slater


A public health issue

Why not save the Gateway YWCA pool (“YWCA shuts down pool,” May 31) with a consortium effort by city, school system, foundation partners and — especially — health care institutions?

Exercise is a public health issue. The Gateway pool was a significant community health resource, not just for competitive swimming, but for many adults and children from the neighborhood and beyond.

Bebe Kern


No magic wand

When I began reading the June 18 story “Winston-Salem OK’s 4-cent increase in tax rate,” I paused on reading that Council Member Dan Besse opposed the budget. What do you know? I thought. A liberal is actually opposed to a tax hike. That’s different.

Then I realized that his objection was that the tax increase wasn’t high enough. That makes more sense.

I understand the urge to want to increase government employee salaries. But the money has to come from somewhere. As Council Member D.D. Adams says, there’s no magic wand.

Why is it always the property owners who get stuck with the tax hikes? Of course, this will be passed on to renters and, in many cases, customers of businesses.

There has to be a better way than constantly raising taxes. If we’re not careful, Winston-Salem could become the next San Francisco. Nobody wants that.

Gary C. Parent


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