A leadership team

It is so encouraging that our new all-female Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board has taken it upon themselves to function as a leadership team even when they might not always agree on priorities or issues (“School board focuses on unity,” Feb. 18). This intellectual approach to education far exceeds the “football team” approach, where a few become stars but the overall intellectual level of students fails or is compromised — such as one-third of third-graders being unable to read at grade level and a significant number of students who come partially through the system and then become functioning illiterate dropouts unable to support themselves.

Not that I have anything against football, but, as with NASCAR, rock climbing and wind-surfing, just because some might enjoy the sport is no reason for the school board to pump a huge amount of its already marginal amount of educational resources into supporting them.

It’s time to make some really dramatic educational changes and reward good classroom teachers who buy into how to make it happen. These newly elected ladies on the board have the opportunity to do this.

Let the new team score winning marks in raising the functioning level of ALL students, not just those few who toss the ball. Go, team, go!

Brenda Hutchins


Add our voices

Mayor Allen Joines’ predictions for the future (“Time, saved in capsule,” Feb. 15) mentioned the role cities can play in addressing carbon emissions and climate change when the federal government is largely inactive. In fact, the N.C. municipalities of Asheville, Boone, Carrboro, Durham, Greensboro and Pittsboro, along with many other many others across the country, have already released resolutions acknowledging the reality of climate change and urging legislators to act on this issue. The Winston-Salem City Council needs to partner with Mayor Joines to add our voices to the call for climate action.

Specifically, we can urge Rep. Virginia Foxx and our senators to support the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which would decrease emissions even further than the goals of the Paris agreement while stimulating the economy and decreasing the need for piecemeal regulation. The carbon fee and dividend concept has been extensively analyzed and is supported by all living former chairs of the federal reserve, Nobel-prize winning economists, economic advisers from the previous six presidents, environmental groups, CEOs, citizens and politicians from both sides of the aisle.

Instead of disregarding overwhelming scientific evidence and saddling our children and grandchildren with even bigger natural disasters, resource depletion, pollution and costs, the time has come for Winston-Salem to help lead the charge on decreasing carbon emissions and work toward a better future.

Michael McCrory


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