An impeachable offense

After listening to the House impeachment inquiry hearings, I am convinced of one thing. Republican lawmakers are so loyal to their lord and savior President Trump, they will put party interests over the interests of the Republic.

Republicans ignored the facts that Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to announce an investigation of a probable political opponent before turning over congressionally approved military aid. Instead they diverted attention by blasting the process governing the hearing, brought up conspiracy theories about Ukraine interfering in the 2016 election and questioned Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board of a Ukrainian gas company. I guess when you do not have any defense, you simply go on offense. Yes, the aid was finally released, but only after a brave whistleblower spilled the beans on Trump’s attempted bribery of the Ukraine.

Some readers may ask, “What is so bad about what Trump did?” Ukraine is a buffer between Russia and Europe. The Russians invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimean region in 2014. It is in the national security interest of the United States and Europe to thwart Russian expansion into Ukraine. Ukraine needed United States aid. Trump knew this, but was more interested in his personal political goals than what was in the interest of the United States.

If Trump’s bribery attempt is not an impeachable event, nothing is. Democrats must impeach so another president would not dare emulate the behavior and actions of the current president.

Rudy Diamond


Hold the House

Sen. Elizabeth Warren lashed out last week at her moderate Democratic rivals seeking the White House, accusing them of naively accepting Republican calls for unity rather than standing up to the rich and too quickly bending to the whims of their own wealthy donors.

Warren is being shortsighted in her criticism of moderate Democrats. She should be shouting at moderate Democrats in the House to vote no to impeachment. A vote for no would mean a vote for a moderate Democrat in the next round of elections.

When this impeachment goes to the Senate, the Republican majority is going to throw it out. The whole process is going to make voters tired of Democrats and cause them to vote for centrists. This could swing the House over to the Republicans.

Warren has the opportunity to change the narrative if she would take the chance, and she would set herself apart from the hack politician, former Vice President Joe Biden. She has an opportunity to give our democracy back to the people and let people decide who to vote for.

If Warren really thinks she can beat the president, then she should stop shouting “impeach” and start yelling “vote for me.” This is an opportunity for the Democrats to retain the House and gain the presidency.

If they continue down this line they will lose the presidency, then the House, and Republicans will retain a majority in the Senate. Are the Democrats really just GOP operatives working for Trump?

Carlton Newsome


How our reps vote

I wonder how many people actually read the “Roll Call” column printed in the Journal on Sundays, which details recent votes on various issues or bills before the U.S. House and Senate. If people did, they might find it very eye-opening to actually see whether our locally elected representatives supported, or didn’t, our needs (and those of others).

Check it out next week and see what they are, or are not, supporting. Do you agree with them? If not, maybe it is time for them to “retire” instead of being re-elected.

Betty Bewley


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