The vacant tower

I agree with your March 10 editorial, “Bank’s departure brings challenges.” I’m sure that ultimately, we’ll all do fine. But between Truist’s departure, Wells Fargo’s troubles and coronavirus, I feel a little worried about our near future. I also worry about those in our city who are less fortunate.

Listen, here’s a crazy idea.

I know the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem is looking for a place that the current residents of Crystal Towers could move into. Now there’s a vacant tower downtown. Is it too much of a stretch to think that we could move them into that tower?

OK, I understand it’s not set up to be residential housing. So how about this: Is there another building — business or residential — whose occupants could be moved into that tower and their former space be opened up for the Crystal Towers residents?

I’m just trying to think outside the tower here, like a good citizen of the City of Arts and Innovation.

Stevie Huffines


Second-guessing experts

I appreciate the March 10 story “Prescribed burn at Hanging Rock State Park,” describing what the North Carolina Forest Service was doing to care for the forest and “reduce the fuel on the forest floor,” as Stokes County ranger Jonathan Young put it. It was very interesting, and a reminder of how important it is to be good stewards of what’s been placed in our care.

This sort of thing is no doubt what President Trump was so imperfectly referring to in 2018 following the California fires when he said that California officials needed to “rake the floors” of their forests. He had just a germ of the right idea, but lacked the ability to express it well. He does seem to have trouble with language.

I’ve read about forest management, but I think it’s best to leave forest management to the experts.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of second-guessing the actual professionals, any more than we would think we could fly airplanes better than actual trained pilots or perform heart surgery better than surgeons. It’s a mystery why Trump thinks he knows so many things better than the professionals do. I, for one, am not impressed.

Sometimes we forget how important education and expertise are. If nothing else, we can thank Trump for being a constant reminder.

June Riddle


Rally plans

I find it highly irresponsible that President Trump is reported to have said that he has no plans to cancel the large rallies that could easily be a source of spread of coronavirus. I hope that presidential candidates former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders will be more respectful of their supporters and of all Americans.

Congratulations to those businesses that have canceled large conferences and exhibitions during this time until the spread of the virus is no longer a public health issue.

Mary Lou Moore


Abortion history

Our president was Richard Millhouse Nixon.

Abortion was legalized nationally by the Supreme Court in 1973.

Seven of the nine Justices voted for abortion rights. Five of the seven were appointed by Republican presidents.

One of the two Justices who voted against abortion was appointed by a Democratic president.

Republicans still control the court. They gave us legal abortion.

A lot of folks are told that if you are Christian, you must vote Republican. A lot of lies are being told in Washington, but only one group seems to get caught in its lies.

Harold W. Hayes


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