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We are the guardians

Seventy-five years ago, thousands of brave men of the Allied Expeditionary Force landed on the beaches of Normandy to mark the beginning of the liberation of France and Europe from the throes of Nazi Germany. Many surely knew they would die on the beaches but yet they went anyway.

Why? They believed in the tenets of freedom and liberty and clearly understood the dark consequences of fascism if they failed.

It is my hope that we can set aside the hatred and vitriol of our identity politics and sincerely reflect on what these men did for us and the world on that fateful day in June of 1944. And in so doing, remember we are the guardians of the values they fought and died for. Values that made this country what it is today and will see it through our present trials and tribulations and those of the future.

It is incumbent upon us to never forget the sacrifices made not just by our World War II veterans, but by every member of our armed forces who has stepped up to say, through their service, that the ideals of this American experiment are still worth fighting for.

Don Dwiggins


We must impeach

President Trump obstructed justice by trying to derail investigations into his Russian connections. I don’t care how ignorant or inexperienced in government he was. I don’t care if he was worried sick that he would be investigated and/or impeached. To ignore his clear and sustained wrongdoing would be to pervert the spirit of justice and turn America into a banana republic.

If he — the one who claimed he was “the only one” who could save us — couldn’t handle the pressure, he shouldn’t have run for president. He should be impeached at Congress’ earliest convenience.

Reed Graham


So be it

The tragic deaths of another mass murder have been beamed to the world by the media (“12 dead in Virginia Beach shooting,” June 1), granting society permission to claim these deaths were not the fault of loaded weapons but are actually because of the lack of proper mental health facilities. Other inconsequential reasons circulate until the public’s outrage soon wanes in a day or two and business returns to ho-hums and so-whats.

The NRA claims “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” In truth, guns in the hands of people can and do kill and often. How would we intercept a troubled soul if questionable behavioral aberrations have not surfaced to warn us of an attack? Why not instead either restrict the sale of weapons or, better yet, ban sales entirely? Let’s ban guns in schools, parks, restaurants, in fact, in all public places. Only law enforcement officers should carry arms, anyway.

Severe restrictions of pistols, AK-47s and relevant ammunition would allow fewer weapons to circulate and become easy temptations for the insane.

Everyone deplores government control of our activities until we get hurt or frightened. Well, we have all been hurt and frightened and it is time to put a stop to these attacks. Countries that have strict gun control do not have to fear this type of crime. If it means repealing our Second Amendment, then so be it. The Second is not sacred.

Virginia Underhill


The Mueller report

On May 29, Robert Mueller spoke briefly about the recently released report from the Office of the Special Counsel, which was charged with investigation of Russian interference of our country’s 2016 presidential election. He stated that there was definite invasion of our nation’s internet committed by Russians. Many of those who were responsible have been indicted. It should be very alarming to our citizens to have been attacked by a foreign country in this manner.

Since the report was released to the public last month, many of us have relied on the interpretations of the report by Attorney General William Barr, and by following news from newspapers, television and the internet. Unfortunately, many watch “entertainment news” sources and get news from the internet where they do not know the source of the news. (It may even be from Russian sources.)

The best source of news is always the original source. Anyone can get the report free on the internet. It is not written in difficult to read legal language. If one can read this paper, one can read the report. It is very accessible.

We have the right to vote as citizens. With that right comes the responsibility to be informed. I urge everyone to read the report for themselves with an open mind, and urge their senators and representatives to read it as well. Only then will we know the truth.

Rebecca N. Clingman


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