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An authority

I was intrigued by the May 25 letter “Read your Bible.”

The sad part is that people who call themselves Christians and people who say they are not Christians often want to take the Bible out of context to get their point across. I don’t know if the letter writer was doing this, but he continually inferred that the Bible says the baby in the womb is not a living being until it takes its first breath. Since I think of breath as oxygen, and the baby is getting oxygen, it seems theoretically the same to me.

Since he quoted the Bible, I’m assuming he sees it as an authority. He is correct that some pregnancies have been created from evil situations, but I believe the God that he quoted can bring good out of evil.

Life is short. One day we will all know if God is real and if He is capable of the claims that He has made and also what He meant by the verses the writer quoted.

Carl Deaton


Too light a sentence

It was disappointing to learn that the perpetrator who allegedly shot the horses at the Muddy Creek Greenway got off with such a light sentence (“Animal cruelty charges dropped,” May 21).

In addition to the suspended sentence, probation and small fine, I wish the judge had given the young man 100 hours of community service to be performed under supervision at a local stable where his duties would be cleaning stalls and shoveling manure. Maybe then he could learn a work ethic and keep his idle hands busy.

That might have given him an appreciation for these beautiful animals so that he would not feel the need to use them for target practice.

Kathy VanSutphen

Rural Hall


Since President Trump took office, measles have been on an upswing. So have opioid addiction and suicide. Racial violence is also growing. Our federal deficit is ballooning and not even Republicans care about stopping it anymore.

Immigration at our Southern border is out of control and government is keeping children there in cages and building tent cities to hold all the refugees.

Our farmers can’t sell their soybeans to China and are instead accepting a hand-out in the billions, paid for by a loan from China — which we’ll have to repay with interest.

Thanks to the rushed, incompetent 2017 tax cut, millionaires and billionaires have millions and billions more, but Gold Star children have to pay more in taxes.

Iran is preparing to start enriching uranium again, since we broke the treaty that prevented it. Vice President Mike Pence just told a West Point graduating class that it was a “virtual certainty” that they would fight on a battlefield at some point in their lives.

And then there’s climate change, which the Pentagon says is a national security threat, but the current administration pretends doesn’t even exist.

The president of the United States is passing around conspiracy theories and doctored videos of his political foes. He’s bad-mouthing Americans on foreign soil and supporting the mad, murderous dictator of North Korea.

This is Trump’s America. Is it great again yet?

Phil Ronald Turner


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