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Respect the office

I am an independent unaffiliated voter who did not vote for President Trump. I am also a commissioned regular officer of the U.S. Air Force. In the military we are taught to salute the position even if we do not like the person holding the superior position.

The extreme liberal Democrats show absolutely no respect for the position of president. They continuously berate and bully Trump. I did not like President Obama, but I did not bully him, even when he made me angry by saying that we are no longer a Judeo-Christian nation.

Was he so arrogant as to think that all the great people who came together in the 1770s to form this country was a coincidence? God willed it! Our country has progressed “under God,” resulting in millions of people trying to move here.

Of the 20 candidates appearing in the Democratic TV circus, 18 were pushing a socialistic form of government to replace our heritage that has worked to make us the world power that we are today. Former Vice President Joe Biden and former U.S. Rep. John Delany were the exceptions.

I am sworn to protect our country from both foreign and domestic enemies. I consider these Democratic extremists to be “domestic enemies”! While I am morally opposed to violent war, we should use all legal means available to squash these extremists. They ganged up on Biden, who has probably done more for this country than the rest combined. There is no substitute for experience.

Arza D. Patterson


Fighting straw men

Sometimes when people are on the wrong side of an argument, they feel embarrassed — so embarrassed that they can’t admit they’re wrong. So they try to deflect attention from their fault.

Sometimes when that happens, they create “straw men” — weak arguments that they pretend are being used by people on the right side — arguments that nobody on the right side is actually making, but that are easy to tear down. Then they can tear down those straw men and act like they’ve scored a point.

So it is with this “Confederacy eraser” idea, that people who oppose Confederate monuments and symbols are trying to “erase history.” Nobody has ever said they want to erase history, but people like the writer of the letter “The point being missed” (July 16) build up that straw man so they can tear it down.

I oppose the Confederacy, but I want it taught in schools. I want Confederate displays in museums. I want everyone to know all about the Confederacy.

But I don’t want any statue or monument that makes the Confederacy look like something that should be revered and honored. I don’t want our government casually using Confederate symbols as if nothing’s wrong with them. Confederate symbols represent an evil, racist philosophy.

Anybody care to tackle this — a real anti-Confederacy argument? Or would they prefer to stick to fighting straw men?

Helen Batterton


Three lies

On Monday, July 22, President Trump told at least three big lies.

During a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the press, he said that India’s prime minister, Norendra Modi, had personally asked him to mediate the Kashmir conflict with Pakistan.

A Modi spokesman quickly issued a statement that “no such request has been made.”

Also during the press meeting on July 22, Trump claimed that the Mueller report had exonerated him of claims of collusion (which is a word it purposely didn’t use) and obstruction of justice.

Speaking as someone who has read the Mueller report as well as much reporting about the Mueller report, it says no such thing.

Later in the day, Trump contradicted news reports that he had used pre-determined talking points and opposition research during his remarks about “the Squad” in Greenville on July 15. He tweeted that the reports were “fake news.” Reporters quickly produced photos showing him holding notes with talking points on that day.

None of these matters were worth lying about. It’s as if he just can’t help himself.

As I write this, it’s only Tuesday. How many more lies will he tell before the end of the week?

How are we supposed to feel proud of a president who lies so much?

Jane Simmons


The Democrats’ albatross

All these anti-Trump letters, imploring his voters to abandon the terrible racist/anti-immigrant/lying president. Funny how long ago 50 years seems now, but how relevant to today’s political environment.

Fifty years ago, Sen. Edward Kennedy was involved in the drowning death of a young Kennedy devotee, and proceeded to great lengths to cover up the circumstances. Does anyone believe Kennedy could have survived this scandal in the cellphone-camera, instant-access age? Yet for almost 40 years (40 years!) Democrats faithfully supported a man who was at best capable of deadly negligence and at worst a drunken killer. The Democrats kept this man in office 40 more years, but these anti-Trump guys want people to get off the Trump train after half a term because he offends their sensibilities.

Democrats kept their albatross for decades. Let the Republicans keep theirs. You’ll get your chance in 2020. Until then, you’re wasting your breath and editorial space. And good luck with making those four congresswomen the face of the Democratic Party.

Harry R. Cooke


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