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Lying politicians

I agree with conservatives about at least one thing: I’m sick of the swamp and I’m sick of lying politicians. That’s why I’m so angry with Vice President Mike Pence, as well as President Trump.

Trump ran for office telling us over and over again that he would fix everything and that, indeed, he was the only one who could. But the situation at the border has grown worse; we’re now harboring children in what some are calling concentration camps and the Trump administration has gone to court to argue that we can keep them in cages, but we don’t owe them soap, toothbrushes or a place to sleep. But when asked about these conditions, Trump and Pence point the finger at Democrats. Oh, the all-mighty powerful Trump who was going to solve all of our problems is suddenly brought low by the Democrats. I see. It’s someone else’s fault. There’s a politician’s answer for you.

Maybe if Trump didn’t get up on his campaign stage and lie about Democrats all the time, he would get a little more cooperation from them. Wasn’t he supposed to be a master deal-maker?

The writer of the June 23 letter “Trump’s financial records” was right: The emperor has no clothes. But some still insist that they see them, and they’re lovely.

Siri Bruccillieri


Destined to lose?

So, Democrats are destined to lose in 2020 because voters will reject their rhetoric leading to “socialist oblivion” (“Unlikely to resonate,” June 16)? Working people are so well off they would never vote for politicians advocating better working, living and financial conditions? OK. Call off the election.

Only Republicans call Democrats’ advocacy “socialism.” Actually, the closest things to socialism here are insurance and Wall Street capitalism, both based more on public, not government, ownership. You know, stuff people love because they can feel part of.

Nobody talks about a socialist economy. Democrats speak, instead, about what the government in a democratically elected republic should be doing for its people. Seems to me that is what attracted so many voters to President Trump in 2016. They thought that was what he would do.

I haven’t seen so much interest in the Democratic positions since many workers voted for Ronald Reagan after several years of him declaring government to be the problem. Bill Clinton was elected after declaring the era of big government was over. Maybe voters really don’t want to vote for their own interest.

Some say the government doesn’t have money for social programs. We increased individual family net worth by $30 trillion since 2009. How much of that did most hourly wage workers get? I have no knowledge of a wealthy country at peace with a small government and low taxes.

So, how does voting for Democrats mean voting “no” to economic prosperity?

Dave Danner Sr.


Assault claim

“Trump denies woman’s sexual assault claim,” reads the headline to your June 23 story about writer E. Jean Carroll and her claim that President Trump attacked her. The story was on page A26. With any other president, it would have been on A1 and it would have been investigated and written about for weeks. It might even lead to a resignation. With Trump, it’s just one more brick in a teetering wall of scandals, next to a trade war that is bankrupting American farmers, praise for murderous dictators and a policy of terrorizing children on the border.

Later in the week, defending himself, Trump said of Carroll, “She’s not my type.” I can’t think of a more idiotic defense. Does that mean he would have attacked her if she was his type? Or does he really think that men only attack women they find to be attractive?

Did it happen? The event she describes is very close to the way Trump has claimed he treats women. Her account is bolstered by the fact that she told people about it when it happened.

We once looked for people of strong moral character to be our president; people who could serve as examples for our children. After Trump, will we ever be able to return to that standard? Years from now, after the passion of the Trump cult cools, our children will wonder how we could ever have elected such a morally corrupt man.

Vicki Ryan


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