A criminal investigation

On Oct. 25, The New York Times reported that the Durham investigation has changed from an administrative investigation to a criminal investigation. That means that U.S. Attorney John Durham now has the power to subpoena witness testimony and documents and can also file criminal charges.

Does that mean that Durham has found that President Obama’s Department of Justice may have committed crimes in connection to its Russian probe? It sure sounds like it.

I’m so tired of all the smug liberals calling everything they don’t like a “conspiracy theory.” If Durham finds that the DOJ conspired to damage President Trump, they’re going to have a lot of crow to eat.

Let’s keep in mind that Durham is an impartial prosecutor with an excellent reputation — just like Robert Mueller. He’s received support from critics of Trump. He’s been called “apolitical” and “cautious.” He was once appointed to a Justice task force by Democratic Attorney General Janet Reno. If he finds Democrats to be guilty, will liberals try to smear him? Good luck with that.

It’s long past time this investigation received media attention. I trust the Journal will keep us apprised of future developments.

Gary C. Parent


Not normal

When Republicans say Democrats are getting mad at President Trump over nothing, they’re pretending it’s perfectly normal for a president of the United States to insult a Vietnam-era war hero and a Gold Star family. They’re pretending it’s perfectly normal for a president to call women “dogs” and “pigs” and say he grabs them by the p----. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to rip thousands of children away from their parents and stuff them in cages with no soap or toothpaste. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to tell lies about the military running out of ammunition, or a previous president bugging his office or receiving praise from people who never praised him. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to claim that someone else’s accomplishments are his. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to break our treaties, betray our allies and cuddle up to murderous dictators. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to make money off his presidency. They’re pretending it’s normal for a president to lie every time he speaks.

None of this is normal, nor is it acceptable. I’m not mad at Trump for nothing; I’m mad at him for dragging the United States through his own personal slime.

And I’m mad at him for ruining the once-commendable party of Lincoln, which is now happy to watch the nation burn in order to please their cult leader.

Mary Linda Knox


Getting over it

Even though conservatives keep repeating that liberals haven’t gotten over the 2016 election, it really seems like President Trump is the one who can’t get over it.

It’s not enough to win the Electoral College with the help of the Russians; for years now he’s been pushing this conspiracy theory that millions of votes were invalid and he really won the popular vote, too. And there’s a surfer — I mean, a server in Ukraine with evidence that the Democrats conspired with the media, the CIA, the FBI and the Keebler elves, probably, to sink his campaign. That’s why he created a shadow foreign policy with his sycophants to try to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden under the guise of fighting “corruption.”

I suppose it’s possible. I mean, it’s possible that Bill Clinton is a lizard person.

But even if there were any truth to it, it doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t violate the Constitution and shouldn’t be impeached. Conspiracy chasing is no excuse for breaking the law.

Leland Stoat


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