For the tax

I’d like to encourage your readers to vote in favor of the Forsyth County Local Sales and Use Tax. I’ll tell you why.

In Forsyth County, we lose about 500 teachers each year. We have about 100 vacancies now. One of our schools as an example has only 7% of third-graders reading at grade level. Applicants for teaching degrees at our state universities were down 30% from 2010 to 2018.

Who will be in the classrooms?

This meager quarter-cent tax will be a small step.

Woody Clinard


Clinard is a volunteer for READ WS. — the editor

Integrity and loyalty

Today, I come to support and advocate for LaShun Huntley, whom I’ve known for more than 20 years as a businessman and colleague. I found him to be a man of integrity and loyalty, a man of esteemed wisdom, and a man of purpose who loves equity and his community.

As a businessman, I found him to be fair and of sound judgment, a man focused and committed to his personal and community goals.

I am attracted to political candidates who know how to serve and reflect their community’s goals and visions. That is LaShun Huntley. This candidate is capable of garnering relations amongst any affiliations, and is aware of the community’s needs and values. I find him to be one who knows how to listen to the needs and desires of the community he serves, and knows how to find workable solutions to support those needs.

LaShun Huntley has a plethora of business experience and has already blessed this community with his services. His professional resume is impressive, his reputation is impeccable and his record speaks for itself. I am confident that LaShun will work hard for equitable health care expansion, increased funding for our communities, dependable child care and safety for our children, teacher raises and suitable employment for all.

He has the applicable forethought, skills and qualifications, and possesses the knowledge to procure a solution for the imminent needs of the people in N.C. House District 72. Vote for LaShun Huntley.

Selester Stewart Jr.


Tired of whining

I’m tired of all this whining about voter ID being overturned by “an unelected judge” — especially from people who support a president who was elected with a minority of votes — and who keep reminding us, “This isn’t a democracy, it’s a republic!” Make up your damn minds.

If the majority of North Carolinians voted that only people with blue eyes should be allowed to vote, we’d expect the courts to overturn it because it’s unconstitutional. There is wisdom in having unelected judges who don’t have to worry about being thrown out of office because of disgruntled blue-eyed conservatives.

Republican activists got voter ID on the ballot after spreading fake news about illegal voting. They got their supporters whipped up into a lather by lying to them. But the truth is that they wanted voter ID because it’s designed to suppress black votes, that’s all.

I hope eventually there will be Republicans who try to win elections by having policies that appeal to the majority, rather than Republicans who try to win elections by suppressing voters.

Ronnie Miller


Understanding the sacrifice

About a year ago, Sen. Thom Tillis wrote an op-ed opposing President Trump’s national emergency and even said, “It’s never a tough vote for me when I’m standing on principle.”

Less than a month later, he voted to support Trump’s irrational move.

Tillis has voted three times to divert $80 million from North Carolina military projects. And now, even more is at risk. In January, the White House announced plans to divert an additional $7.2 billion to fund the border wall and this month, it announced plans to shift another $3.8 billion.

Our servicemen and women deserve a senator who will fight for them, not someone who will prioritize his political security over the needs of our military community.

As an Army veteran, Cal Cunningham understands the sacrifice our troops and their families make to keep our country safe. And he knows how critical these funds are to ensure military readiness and protect our national security.

Tillis has proven he will walk away when it matters most. He supports a president who has taken money for the wall from the military, has little progress to show and has not convinced Mexico to pay.

I favor Cal Cunningham’s program of comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform over programs of fear and mistreatment of families and children.

I know Cunningham has our back. That’s why he is exactly the kind of advocate military families need in the U.S. Senate. Cunningham will have my vote in the primaries and in November.

Gus Preschle


Experience matters

On March 3, voters will have the opportunity to select an outstanding individual to represent the Republican Party for lieutenant governor. This individual is Deborah Cochran. Deborah is a lifelong resident of Mount Airy and a graduate of Gardner Webb and N.C. State University. She worked 18 years as an instructor at Surry Community College and is now in her fifth year teaching business at Kennedy High School and as an adviser to the Future Business Leaders of America. She served as a Mount Airy city commissioner and two terms as mayor.

As mayor, her focus was on economic development and job growth. She successfully recruited new businesses to Mount Airy and under her leadership property taxes were cut 30%.

Deborah is a lifelong member of the Salvation Army, working in many of its charity and community activities and during hurricane relief efforts. She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the military, veterans, and police and fire/rescue personnel, and she received the Disabled American Veterans Award of Merit.

Having been an instructor at the community college level and currently a high school teacher, she sees firsthand the problems and issues within the schools and what is needed to improve the education system.

When one looks at the responsibility of the lieutenant governor — serving on the board of education, board of community colleges and capital planning commission; chairing E-Learning; and overseeing the Senate — no other candidate has as much experience and knowledge, or as many qualifications, as Deborah.

Bruce Bowers


No question

“Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich spoke to the media one day after being released from prison, heaping praise on himself and offering no apology for the crimes that landed him a sentence of 14 years behind bars,” according to reporter Sebastian Murdock.

Well, that figures, doesn’t it? And it explains what President Trump saw in Blagojevich.

There’s no question; we are living in a banana republic, governed by the uninformed whims of a man with the attention span of a guppy and the morals of an eel.

Reggie Branson


Election letter deadline

The deadline for letters about the March 3 primary election was Monday.

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