Studying history

I wonder how many letters you’ll receive from the armchair pundits who think that ridding Winston-Salem of its Confederate soldier statue and our fair with a name that includes the word “Dixie” will be an attack on their heritage and an attempt to erase history.

Since these good citizens are so concerned with such matters, I’m sure they’re following closely the recent attention being given to the year 1619, 400 years ago, when slaves were first introduced to North America. This is, after all, an important part of our heritage and our history. This country would not be what it is today without slavery. Indeed, the thread of slavery runs throughout our history. Many of the vast fortunes made in this country were made through the use of slave labor.

And yet the slaves who built the nation were never properly compensated for their labor. Neither were their ancestors.

Surely people who are concerned with heritage and history will be devoting many hours to developing a deep knowledge and understanding of this important issue.

April Reaves


‘America First’?

I don’t care about Republican vs. Democrat. For President Trump to stand on a stage in a foreign country during the G-7 conference and lie about an American president to make a Russian president look good is disgusting. There’s no reason for it — he didn’t help his cause — and his contempt for the very concept of truth was transparent, as is his jealousy of President Obama, a man whose integrity Trump can never match.

This is putting “America First”?

I hope conservatives appreciate the biased, conservative judges Trump has appointed to the bench, because they’ve come at the cost of American leadership and dignity.

Reggie Branson


Move on

Provided the 24/7 smear campaign targeting President Trump and his supporters achieves its objective, in 2020 we should be poised to put this national nightmare of strong economy and full employment in the rear view mirror.

Then we can move on to more useful endeavors like throwing money at an array of social justice and environmental initiatives intended to make us feel really good about ourselves while accomplishing next to nothing. I can hardly wait.

Mike Parker


What he thinks

All these claims about President Trump being racist are wrong. They miss the point.

Trump isn’t racist; he’s lazy.

When he quotes Henry Ford, he doesn’t think about (or know, for that matter) Ford being an anti-Semite — he just sees a quote he likes and repeats it. When he’s browsing on Twitter and sees a tweet he likes, he doesn’t check to see if the tweet comes from a white supremacist — or if it’s accurate — he just likes what it says and he retweets it.

Then when someone calls him out on it and he says, “I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet” — he means it! And he believes it! Because he doesn’t really know what “racism” is and he’s too lazy to learn.

Of course, he’s also likely to say, “I’m not gonna be politically correct.” But all that means is that he’s not going to bother to think about what he says. He’s just going to say whatever he thinks, and if it’s racist, that’s just not important. The important thing is that he’s saying what he thinks.

So it’s not racism that leads him to say stupid things about Jews and their “loyalty;” it’s just that he’s too lazy to expend any effort to understand the implications of what he’s saying.

Rich people don’t have time to think about how what they say affects others. They hire people to do that for them.

There; that’s better, isn’t it?

Helen Batterton


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