No justification

I’m disgusted by Sen. Thom Tillis’s Dec. 19 tweet calling the House impeachment hearings “a biased impeachment process.” There is no justification for supporting a man such as President Trump who not only bullies those he does not agree with, including children, but is also patently unfit to hold any public office, much less that of president of the United States.

If Sen. Tillis believes in Trump’s innocence in this matter, then the senator should support a full and open hearing, including with the witnesses who refused to testify before the House. The very fact that there is such obfuscation about a Senate trial speaks for itself. Sen. Tillis is on the wrong side of history and his descendants will likely be as ashamed of him as his constituents are now.

Cheryl Goldberg


Impeachment no surprise

“I want you to do us a favor, though, because our nation has been through a lot,” President Trump said in the reconstructed transcript of his call to the Ukrainian president.

The Republican analysis of this statement is that Trump was looking out for the good of the country, not his own benefit.

Here’s why I don’t buy it.

In the first place, it’s not unusual for Trump to say “we” when he means “me.” “They hate our country,” he’s said of people who have criticized, not the country, but him — even if the topic was his lack of character, intellect and morality. He often conflates himself falsely with the country.

Somehow that standard didn’t apply to his own criticism of presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

In the second place, if his concern was that the nation had been through a lot and he wanted to do something to ease the divisions we’ve experienced (that he created), why would he want to stir up a partisan investigation of the son of his political rival? What would that do to benefit a country that “has been through a lot”?

No one should be surprised that Trump was impeached on Dec. 18. The only real surprise was that it took so long.

A few Republican leaders have been willing to stand up to him and his degradation of the presidential office. Unfortunately, none of them are in the Senate.

I hope that 2020 is the year people finally notice that this emperor has no clothes.

Malcolm Ramsey


Steel losses

On Dec. 18 at a campaign rally in Battle Creek, Mich., President Trump, who was impeached on that day, boasted: “Look at what I’ve done for steel. I mean, the steel is back. We taxed all the dumb steel coming in from China and other places, and U.S. steel mills are doing great — they’re expanding all over the country, and they were gonna be out of business within two years the way they were going.”

On Dec. 19, US Steel announced that it is closing a mill near Detroit, laying off workers and cutting its dividend.

The mill, called the Great Lakes Works, is expected to close its iron and steelmaking operations by April 1. About 1,500 jobs will be lost, the company said. US Steel had already announced a temporary layoff of about 200 workers at the plant earlier this year.

Trump lies. Trump lies. Trump lies.

His followers know that Trump lies. Somehow they just don’t understand that he lies to them.

Mack Ferguson


A privilege

I want to thank the Journal for publishing my letters this year. They allowed me to speak my peace about all the stress going on in Washington, D.C.

I hope someday a real president and his staff will come to realize we need hope, peace and healing toward mankind and around the world. To be a leader of our country is a privilege, not a dictatorship.

Time moves forward, and I hope we become a very helpful nation. I hope I can continue my thoughts through the newspaper. For the newspapers, I hope they make a major comeback.

James Fleming



After three years of near-total silence from Christian publications, when it seemed that pretty much all of them had sold their souls in a package deal, the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, had the courage to speak out (“Evangelical magazine says Trump must go,” Dec. 20).

His message was clear: Donald Trump is unfit to be president and should be removed from office.

To Galli I say, “God bless you, sir.”

David Hatcher


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