Don’t buy it

The excuse offered by prominent Republicans on Tuesday for President Trump’s latest racist tirade is that he just got sick and tired of hearing anti-American rhetoric from “the Squad,” the four prominent freshmen Democratic representatives that have been making waves.

Is that really a legitimate excuse? Couldn’t this “stable genius” who has “the best words” think of a more articulate way to express his displeasure than using the most stereotypically racist language in American history?

I don’t buy it. It’s too much like the rest of his racist rhetoric.

Of course, the Republicans have to say something. I understand. They can’t criticize the president honestly and risk upsetting Trump’s base, thus their own political careers.

But I don’t buy it. It sure did take our attention away from Trump’s crisis at the border, though, didn’t it?

Lonnie Burshinsky


Respect the office

Just something to think about.

For all those people saying Team USA, the U.S. women’s soccer team, should respect the office of the president even if they disagree with him and go to the White House for the country and the flag, etc., how about this idea? The tweet storm that is President Trump is the one who has from Day One disrespected the office.

He has been divisive, intentionally used the office to bully and acted with pettiness and in doing so reduced the dignity of the office. He has insulted people, groups and institutions unlike any other president by leaps and bounds.

How can one respect the office when the holder of that office refuses to?

John Combs


A disappointing development

I was disappointed to learn that the Gateway YWCA would close its pool because of expenses and funding issues. The pool is the best in the community. Stakeholders said the announcement seemed like a “done deal.”

A month later, the other shoe dropped: the building would be sold to a mega-church based in Charlotte. Elevation Church has been using the facility for the past several years. A deal was in the works and it was a “done deal.”

There is a real story here that needs to be told.

Now we learn that the basketball courts will be converted into a worship area. So, no pool and no basketball. There will be a fitness center for those members who continue their membership. They will basically be working out in a church family life center. The YWCA will become a tenant.

In 2004, the Y was to be an anchor for the Southeast Gateway plan, opening to great fanfare in 2007. Twelve years later, the YWCA will become a vestigal tenant in a big-box branch of a Charlotte-based church.

Where was the board leadership through this transition? How is this good for Winston-Salem?

Let’s pause to reflect on what the YWCA has meant to the community; of its mission to women, children and the disadvantaged; of donations of time and money poured into its development; and lament that all has resulted in the development of a facility that will become just another mega-church focused on its own.

Henry Lafferty



Among the Republican spin to cover up for President Trump’s racist tweets, Rep. Steve Scalise recently claimed that Republicans had disagreements with President Obama but that they “never disrespected the office” of the presidency.

No, they just constantly questioned his birthplace and his religion. Republican Rep. Joe Wilson just yelled “You lie!” at Obama during a State of the Union address. Forty-seven Republican senators just sent a letter to the supreme leader of Iran, telling him to not deal in good faith with President Obama. North Carolina’s own Rep. Mark Meadows just repeatedly said, “2012 is the time we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.” Then there was Judge Merrick Garland.

I don’t have any time for Republican nonsense about how great Republicans treated Obama. I lived through it and I know better.

Talk about revisionist history.

Ron F. Slater


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