North Carolina deaths

I know you’ve been tooting this horn for some time (“A mixed legislative bag,” Nov. 5), but it was sobering still to read the Nov. 7 story: “Report: Medicaid expansion could have saved 1,400.”

I’m fortunate; my family has health care coverage. Everyone I know, I believe, has health insurance. I’m not thrilled about the high deductibles these days, but we tend to take health care for granted.

Yet to learn that at least 1,400 North Carolinians may have died (between 2014 and 2017) because state Senate leader Phil Berger stands in the doorway makes me wonder how this man keeps his job. He’s culpable in these deaths, yet he keeps getting reelected.

Many other states, even strongly conservative states, have accepted Medicaid expansion and saved lives. We’re spending millions — or is it billions? — of tax dollars that go to other states while our neighbors are suffering. This just isn’t right.

Berger doesn’t care what anyone in Winston-Salem thinks. But our state representatives — Debra Conrad, Donny Lambeth, Derwin L. Montgomery, Evelyn Terry and Lee Zachary — they do, don’t they? Our state senators, Joyce Krawiec and Paul A. Lowe Jr. — they do, don’t they?

We’d better urge them to take Berger by the ear and make him care.

Siri Bruccillieri


Just another country

I appreciate the Oct. 6 letter “Suggesting an alternative,” but it’s a bit early for me to support a candidate. The election is a year away.

Also, my opposition to President Trump has nothing to do with the election; it has to do with his character. I want him to be impeached. To be honest, I want to see him perp-walked out of the White House in handcuffs.

Nevertheless, I’m not, to use the letter writer’s phrase, a “Trump-hater.” I’m a bigotry-hater. I’m a corruption-hater. I’m a cruelty-hater. I’m an ignorance-hater. I’m a deceit-hater. That’s why I oppose Trump. I read the transcript and it’s damning. I’ve followed the testimony of committed American patriots and they hate the things I hate.

I’m also an America lover. That’s why I hate to see what this country is becoming under Trump — just another money-grubbing country, willing to send troops to guard oil, but not to protect allies; just another country that asks “what’s in it for me?” rather than “what’s the right thing to do?”

I truly didn’t realize how deficient of morals and susceptible to propaganda so many Americans were until they started giving Trump a free pass for anything he says or does. This cannot be our country’s future.

Gerald Bean


Intervention for Berger

I appreciate your Nov. 5 editorial, “A mixed legislative bag.” But you didn’t emphasize enough the harm that is being done in North Carolina because of state Senate leader Phil Berger’s reluctance to expand Medicaid. Lives will be lost because of his refusal.

The number of uninsured children in the U.S. has increased by more than 400,000 from 2016 to 2018, the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute recently announced in a report. That brings the total of uninsured children in the country to more than 4 million.

The coverage losses were the worst in the 14 states that are still refusing federal aid to expand Medicaid, the report said. That includes North Carolina.

All because Berger wants to play hero to ultra-conservatives. He wants to be the last man standing against “the libs.”

Other red states accepted Medicaid expansion and they’re doing much better.

These are children, and they will be susceptible to disease and harm so that Berger can feel good about his conservative bona fides.

Berger’s fellow conservatives need to take him aside and tell him that enough is enough. He made his point. Now let the children go see doctors when they need to.

April Reaves


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