A practical solution

In the July 9 article “Trump promotes environmental record,” President Trump is quoted as saying “We have only one planet” and he is focused on “practical solutions.” However, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2018 after a steady decline, and there were 15% more high air pollution days in 2016-2018 than the previous three years. More action is needed.

Rolling back regulations and stimulating the economy can go along with decreasing fossil fuel emissions, and there is a practical solution that has already been proposed: the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763). A co-sponsor of the bill, Republican Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida, describes it as a “non-regulatory, revenue-neutral and market-driven incentive to move toward natural gas and away from coal, and to support alternative sources of energy.”

If they agree that we need practical solutions to save our planet, Rep. Virginia Foxx should support this bill and Sen. Thom Tillis should co-sponsor its introduction in the Senate.

Michael McCrory


Critics of Trump

The writer of the July 3 letter “Constant barrage” is upset that so many people criticize President Trump in The Readers’ Forum. If conservatives didn’t want to hear criticism of their president, maybe they should have gone with Jeb Bush or Sen. Marco Rubio or someone else with a semblance of morality and sanity.

Trump ran for office saying he would “drain the swamp.” Most people would think that refers to doing away with Washington cronyism and corruption, but those have only increased on his watch.

The fact is, he’s only made Washington swampier. How many Trump associates have been convicted of crimes? There’s Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and George Papadoupolous, for starters.

Trump promised to hire “only the best people,” but apparently the best people lose their quality after going to work for him, because he can’t keep his administration staffed. Former officials include Rex Tillerson, Jeffrey Sessions, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt and many more, who were all either fired by Trump or forced out by ethics scandals. Now Trump is bullying his own selection for Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell. No person with a degree of self-respect would go to work for Trump.

And he is a divisive racist who lies incessantly. No, President Obama was nothing like that.

None of this information is fake. Trump is a lousy president, a lousy human being, and all his supporters are going to hear about it until he goes to prison or fades from public view.

Mack Ferguson


A tradition of excellence

Your June 14 article, “Probation extended for Salem College,” inaccurately gave the impression that Salem Academy and College are on the verge of extinction. The reality is that after one year of financial probation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, SACS accepted documentation for three or four of the financial concerns it had with Salem. The fourth will be an audit of the fiscal year ending on June 30 and cannot be reviewed until SACS meets again in December. The extension of the probation was a timing issue, not a black mark on the academy and college.

Through the strong leadership of Interim President Sandra Doran, Salem has raised more than $14 million, reduced its debt and increased enrollment. But rather than emphasizing these positive strides, the Journal chose to give a doomsday impression in its headline.

Salem Academy and College has a tradition of excellence in education and has been a fabric of our community for almost 250 years. It is currently ranked 13th as the Best Small College in the U.S., 24th as the Best Liberal Arts College in the U.S. and second as the Best Liberal Arts College in North Carolina.

Salem has competent leadership, a strong faculty and staff and a vibrant, diverse student body. It would be encouraging to read a Journal article about the positive improvements it has made and its bright future.

Dianne Dailey


Dailey is an alum of Salem College, class of ’71. — the editor

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