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In the past

Society as a whole has reached a tipping point of being too politically correct. History is history, it’s in the past. Let’s use our time and energy to focus on the future.

One example is to keep the name of the fair the same: Dixie Classic Fair. Saving money that would have been spent on rebranding could be spent on building a beautiful bike/walking trail on the old train track that runs through Winston-Salem.

Be constructive, not destructive!

Judy Meyer


A small gesture

My grandfather was a World War II veteran whose parents named him “Adolph.” To relieve himself of any embarrassing associations — or ridicule for sharing a name with the enemy’s leader whose name was also Adolph — he changed his name. It probably took some getting used to, but it didn’t change who he was as a person.

The name for the Dixie Classic Fair is only a name, yes. But specifically, its main association is with the 11 states that seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. One may not associate the word “Dixie” with racism or slavery anymore, but, like the Confederate statues, it represents a history of white supremacy more than it does our sentimental Southern pride. We best not to get the two confused.

More, if the name is creating division in the community, why not change it? It is only a label and isn’t it going to impact the flavor of kettle corn or the fun of the carousel. If anything, it would be a small gesture of repairing our community so everyone can enjoy a fair that is meant to be a good time for all.

Jonathan Gaska


North Carolina should follow

I am happy that people are finally waking up and passing laws to stop the horror of abortion. Alabama and Georgia are leading the way and I hope it won’t be long before North Carolina follows and prepares a challenge for the Supreme Court.

Whatever else you want to say about President Trump, he kept his word and appointed two good Supreme Court justices with pro-life views. If we can get a legal challenge to the court, we stand a good chance of overthrowing Roe v. Wade, which would allow states to decide how to handle the issue.

North Carolina is a pro-life state. It would be wonderful if abortion were a thing of the past here.

Nothing good comes from abortion.

I realize that women are often put into difficult positions by anti-abortion laws. It’s not an easy decision to make under any circumstances. But babies shouldn’t have to suffer because of bad situations created by people.

An aborted child could have been the next Albert Einstein or Beethoven. An aborted child could find the cure for cancer.

But we’ll never know if that life is snuffed out before it has a chance to breathe.

Mary Ivey


No say

America doesn’t get a say in Iran’s affairs. We broke the treaty. Iran can do what it wants and if America interferes, it’s America that is the war-monger.

Kristy Bowling


Why stop with ‘Dixie’?

Now that “Dixie” is considered inappropriate and possibly being banned, how long before “South” will also be condemned ?

Carol Mulcox


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