An important message

I was thankful to see the Forsyth County Republican commissioners approved the resolution to support the Second Amendment (“Forsyth latest to become 2nd Amendment county,” Feb. 7). Of course it’s symbolic, but it does send a message and I believe an important one.

The bad message sent was the Democrats’, not supporting something that represents our Constitution, including the oath they took to serve. Also interesting was the comment regarding the sheriff’s department “protecting us” without acknowledging our Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough, who does not support coordination with ICE, and refuses to turn suspected illegal immigrants over to them after arrest. As much as I have personally supported the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association with donations in the past, I made it clear I would no longer donate as long as our sheriff maintains this stance. Funny, he’s a Democrat as well.

And finally, is Forsyth County Commissioner Tonya McDaniel a “Pelosi wannabe”?

Stand up for gun rights or try to dodge a bullet if you encounter a criminal with a gun, if you can or you don’t legally carry!

Joe Eskridge Sr.


McDaniel, who ripped apart her copy of the resolution, apologized for her action. — the editor

Teachers work hard

Having volunteered for 15 years in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County public schools, I’ve seen how hard teachers work and how much they care. One thing’s for sure: Our teachers are underpaid.

Voters can give teachers a $2,000-$3,000 raise by voting “yes” on March 3 to raise Forsyth County’s sales tax by ¼ of 1 percent. That’s a quarter on a $100 purchase. And Forsyth County taxpayers will see a 1-cent reduction on their property taxes when the sales tax passes.

While state law doesn’t allow the ballot to say the money will be used for teacher salaries, our county commissioners have voted unanimously to allocate all of the funds for salaries.

If they don’t, we can vote them out. And we should.

Unlike property taxes, which are paid by people who live in our county, sales taxes are paid by everyone who buys things in Forsyth County. This means that people who live in the surrounding counties but shop here will help fund our teachers, instead of us having to pay it all.

By state law, some items won’t be taxed the extra ¼ cent. These include groceries, medicine, gasoline, vehicles, rent and home sales.

Our teachers are struggling in a state that hasn’t yet adopted a budget, which means they didn’t get a raise. Let’s show them and the rest of the state that Forsyth County cares about its teachers. Vote for teachers and the sales tax.

Gayle Anderson


Anderson is a retired CEO of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce. — the editor

A sad day

In light of the recent prohibition on immigration of people from Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria and Tanzania (“Trump curbs immigrants from 6 more nations,” Feb. 1), I am reminded of the comments President Trump made in 2018 regarding “s---hole countries,” referring to the African continent. Our country will be a much poorer place without the people who may have planned to emigrate from those countries.

Personally, I have worked with people from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries that are not (yet) included in any ban. These are professionals who would today not be able to resettle here and our community would feel the loss.

Where does it end? Will there come a time when all immigration is banned? The country is richer by including many people who are not white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Homogenization is good for milk, but not for nations, and indeed it will be a sad day when the Statue of Liberty is nothing more than a tourist attraction in New York.

Jane Olmsted


One is bad

If one party votes for the right thing and the other party votes against it, that doesn’t mean the process is partisan. It means one party is bad.

I know this is hard for some people to accept, especially older conservatives. But the Republican Party has changed. It doesn’t stand for anything conservative or moral; it only exists to give cover to its leader, no matter what norms of behavior or laws he breaks.

The impeachment wasn’t partisan — but the cover-up is.

Wendy Marshall


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