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According to the Mueller report, President Trump complained repeatedly that Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t have his back. Sessions had no choice but to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, but Trump wanted an attorney general who would be “loyal” to him and protect him from investigations. He referred to past attorney generals like Bobby Kennedy and Eric Holder.

Whatever the merits of those individuals, Trump doesn’t seem to understand that the attorney general is supposed to be America’s attorney general, not the president’s.

Trump finally got an attorney general, William Barr, who would be loyal and protect him. In doing so, he has politicized an office that should be above partisanship. We can no longer trust America’s attorney general to be loyal to America or the Constitution.

Trump has degraded many positions in many offices by appointing lapdogs and personal pals — like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and HUD Secretary Ben Carson — rather than qualified individuals who took their jobs seriously. In doing so, he has degraded our country.

William B. Perry


Second that

A picture magnet hangs on my refrigerator door. On it the American Indian Geronimo looks out and printed words say, “Show me your papers.”

I second the May 20 letter, “A foreign term.”

Ann Listokin


Poorly compensated

The Journal reported that “Forsyth Tech officials are hoping that there will be a state employee salary increase through the N.C. Legislature this year.” (“Report touts value of Forsyth tech,” May 13). This is great, because the employees deserve a raise.

The school currently employs about 884 part-time instructors, compared to 226 full-time. I recently worked there part-time, teaching biology. On paper, they pay about $30/hour, but they don’t compensate for time spent preparing lectures, planning the class time, writing tests, grading tests, counseling students, etc. Experienced teachers know that it takes about two hours out of class to prepare for every hour in class. The real pay is therefore about $10/hour, before taxes.

Forsyth Tech does not provide benefits to part-time teachers — it limits their work hours so they don’t have to. It’s ironic that community college students who work at fast-food restaurants make about as much as the part-time teacher who’s training them for a more prosperous job.

I still enjoyed serving our community as a teacher. The support staff is outstanding to work with and there’s a reward in teaching that is hard to explain. I hope the pay raise happens, for all community college employees, but especially for the part-time instructors who carry the bulk of the teaching responsibilities and who are poorly compensated for their work.

John Wooding


Destructive behavior

It has been a while since I have written to you. Often I think, what difference does it make? I saved the May 17 Journal, fully intending to respond to the front-page article, “Artist’s vision turns ugly.” I did not write then, thinking, can this issue be real? Can the city not clean up the behavior of the destructive, foul-mouthed drug users and the inebriated vandals who could be causing destruction anywhere in the city?

I see this as an issue of common sense. It is the job of individuals paid by taxpayers to manage such behavior anywhere in the city. Would this be an issue around City Hall, the courthouse, any one of the medical centers, office buildings ... you get the picture.

Mary Martha Smoak


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