We need forgiveness

This hatred I see across our nation won’t go away until we as a nation and a people learn to forgive others when they offend us.

We need to forgive our president as well as others. How can God forgive us if we aren’t willing to forgive others? Have we forgotten the Lord’s Prayer?

These shootings we see start with hate in the human heart. We as a nation have a spiritual problem. I’ve experience this lack of forgiveness and hatred in my own neighborhood.

Lawrence Overton


Their allegiance

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

“We are saddened by this/these latest mass shooting(s).”

“We condemn this/these (pick one) heinous/outrageous/cowardly/deplorable/senseless act(s).”

“We must pass gun control measures.”

Yada, yada, yada; blah, blah, blah; rinse and repeat.

Only those who have been living in a cave or completely void of common sense believe the disingenuous statements of shock, sadness or commitment to action made by politicians (at any level) following mass shootings. Like many, I felt that after the massacre of 26 people (20 of whom were tender-aged children) at Sandy Hook Elementary School, surely these politicians would take action and implement controls on gun ownership. Safeguards could be put into place while still honoring the spirit of the Second Amendment.

However, our government officials have made clear that their allegiance is not to the people of this nation, but rather to the NRA and other gun lobbyists (and their money).

Shame on you!

Patricia Gordon

East Bend

Work on prevention

I thank Sen. Joyce Krawiec for her work against female genital mutilation (“Governor OKs ban on female genital mutilation,” Aug. 3). Here is something else I hope she can lead to prevent mutilations of innocent people.

I support first responders, but they were powerless in the 30 seconds it took to kill nine people in Dayton, Ohio. They were powerless before 22 were killed in El Paso. I want to support first responders so tragedies don’t start to happen, so that first responders are not arriving after the fact, but can work on prevention instead.

I want strong “red flag” laws and strong background checks, monitoring and prosecution of white nationalists, monitoring of hate sites. We should bring back the assault-style weapons ban. We are foolish to not have these things.

Our country is not acting normal, so I refuse to call this “the new normal.” Norms change. If laws make no difference, our lawmakers can come home now and save us the taxes. If laws make a difference, make just laws and enforce them.

If our U.S. senators and representatives won’t lead, then our state leaders should in making strong “red flag” laws and background checks.

Wade Hampton


A wonderful treat

I want to thank Judie Holcomb-Pack for her letter to the Readers’ Forum (“The best in live theater,” Aug. 1) encouraging attendance to the National Black Theatre Festival. What a wonderful treat! My husband and I saw “Jelly’s Last Jam” and “Soul Man.” Both shows were not to be missed!

Next year we intend to clear our calendars during the festival. Thanks to all who make this event happen. We are fortunate to have this festival in our city.

Martha Apple



My thanks to President Trump for making America great again.

Maybe not as great as when we were kidnapping and squeezing every last drop out of African laborers or in the Wild West days, when we were free to kill everyone and everything native — and then some! — or the Gilded Age, when greed built railroads and mines out of human bones, or Jim Crow or the Dust Bowl. But close.

Julie Edelson


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