More than a poll

Many people are upset about the recent decision to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair. They believe the Winston-Salem City Council has ignored the will of the people simply based on an online poll that concluded that most people (who participated in the poll) would like the name to remain the same.

I wonder if it has occurred to any of these people that the council members who supported a name change had considered more than the results of an online poll. Perhaps they spoke with their constituents. Perhaps they listened when members and clergy of our community spoke up about changing the name at the public hearing back in May. Perhaps they simply did what they believed was the right thing to do, despite what others may think.

Changing the name of the fair will not solve our country’s deep-seated systemic racism. However, it is the tiniest step in the right direction.

There was a time when members of this community were not allowed to attend the Dixie Classic Fair solely because of their skin color. Here’s to a new name where that fact won’t be a footnote.

Amy Jones


Step up

Back on July 26, this forum printed a letter from me, “On Election Day,” challenging the Trump-haters to take a break and write in support of one of the Democratic candidates. In the six weeks that have passed, I have seen dozens of Trump-hater letters. Guess how many have appeared supporting a candidate? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Do Democrats support socialists like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders? Do they support former Vice President Joe Biden? Or do they support one of the others who are stuck in the clown car? Specifically, which one would lead this country in the right direction? To say that any of them would be better than the status quo is not an answer. Those of us who read this column every day want the Trump-haters to step up and put it on the line.

Who do you support? I’m not holding my breath waiting for a response. I’ll save this letter so I can send it again next month.

Jeff Matthews


Weather report

Hurricane Dorian is headed for our coast. Some areas of the state are still recovering from Matthew and Florence.

President Trump has diverted about $80 million, dedicated to North Carolina military bases alone, from the defense spending budget to pay for his wall. He has diverted funds from FEMA disaster relief for the same purpose. Sen. Thom Tillis has offered no objections.

Is this how Tillis defends the needs of N.C. citizens and the military that defends this country (and provides income resources to our state)?

Trump cancelled last week’s trip to Poland, stayed home and played golf, then issued a false weather report saying that Dorian was going to hit Alabama. He was using a projection that was 96 hours old when he spoke (asleep at the job). He contradicted the National Weather Service in doing so (which is against the law). He created confusion for the weather service and for the people impacted by his statement. No public correction and no apology were offered.

Trump lies and Tillis says nothing, fearing a political re-election challenge and Trump’s wrath.

President Trump said that Tillis asked him for disaster relief when only the governor (Roy Cooper) has that authority. Trump is scratching Thom Tillis’s re-election back.

We need a new senator who will support our military bases and our citizens. We need a senator with courage. We need a stable president who does not lie.

Gordon Wright


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