Changing his story

How long did it take President Trump to change his story? Twenty-four hours?

First our attack on Gen. Qassem Soleimani was because of imminent future threats. Then it was retribution for past attacks. What next — because he was hiding weapons of mass destruction?

Anyone who doesn’t see similarities to the Bush administration’s push for war must be 10 years old.

Republican Sen. Mike Lee, no dove or pacifist, came out of the classified briefing about the airstrike that killed Soleimani on Wednesday and called it “insulting and demeaning.” He said he was unsatisfied by the justifications given.

During a speech Thursday, Trump repeated his lies about the money given to Iran, about the effectiveness of our treaty, etc. These lies have already been debunked by Politifact and WRAL, among other outlets. But he keeps repeating them.

Trump goofed and put the country in danger. Now he’s trying to cover his error the same way he always does: By lying and by finding someone else to blame.

The reasons for impeachment continue to grow.

Gerald Bean


Name changes

When name changes of well-established organizations/businesses are made, does anyone survey the target audiences? The latest arguments about “Truist” are well founded — is that a Tarot card reading or psychic group? Why not make it easy on all of us who have dealt with both banks for many years and become BB&Trust? No one loses identity or gets confused.

It’s the same problem with the old Science Center or Children’s Museum — Kaleideum is a name no one can figure out and most importantly, no child (and a lot of adults) can pronounce.

There’s enough obfuscation in today’s world — please let’s start simplifying things that don’t need to be confusing or misleading.

Nan Harper Janeway


Important question

President Trump’s speech Wednesday did nothing to ease tensions.

There are many issues facing us on the local, state, national and international level. But I don’t think any is as important as this question:

Are we really going to let Republicans lie us into war again?

Phil Ronald Turner


The tough one

A post I saw on Facebook said something that I’m sure many conservatives are thinking: “President Trump has made it very clear that if you kill Americans there will be consequences. There is a new sheriff in town and he means what he says.”

When has that not been the case? Seriously, when exactly was it that we let people around the world kill Americans with no consequences? Anything come to mind? Benghazi? The ring leader of that attack, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, was captured in 2014 and sentenced to prison in 2017.

Obama also caught the 9/11 mastermind, Osama bin Laden, something President Bush’s administration failed to see as important.

Conservatives who already hated Hillary Clinton with the burning hatred of a thousand suns — like they say liberals feel for Trump — made up their little story about Clinton and Benghazi and then it became their Gospel — despite the fact that 10 investigations, many of them led by Republicans, found she’d done nothing wrong.

Incidentally, Clinton sat for questioning from Republicans for hours — something Trump refuses to do. And he’s supposed to be the tough one?

Trump rhetoric is empty chest-thumping. It always has been.

President Trump: Taking credit for the status quo since 2016.

Jimmy Hatch


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