A successful campaign

We would like to thank all those who contributed and supported our successful quarter-cent sales tax campaign to increase local teacher supplements. In particular, we would like to thank the following organizations for endorsing our efforts: The City of Winston-Salem; the Town of Lewisville; the Village of Tobaccoville; the Town of Bethania; the Greater Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce; the Winston-Salem Journal; and the Kernersville News. But most important we want to thank the citizens who voted to support our teachers.

The Forsyth County commissioners are committed to assuring the public that all dollars generated from the additional quarter-cent sales tax will go toward increasing the current local teacher supplement. The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education will provide the amount of teacher supplemental pay annually and we will verify that the additional dollars have been spent for this purpose. We are also committed to reducing the property tax rate by one cent for the 2020-2021 tax year.

Thanks again for supporting our teachers.

Forsyth County Board of Commissioners


Pitch in

President Trump is right to be concerned about the economy, because that’s what provides all of us with the means to stay alive and fight the coronavirus. But it’s going to take more than that, too.

Government can’t do everything for us, and we shouldn’t expect it to. But we can help each other. Children need food, the elderly need someone to pick up their prescriptions, volunteer organizations like Meals on Wheels are going to need more drivers. And some people think it’s old fashioned, but we should pray for each other, too.

This is a good time to give to our communities’ charities and churches so that they can do the work that government and individuals can’t. Instead of pointing fingers, let’s all pitch in and help.

Kevin Fields


Imagine a school

Imagine a high school where students from 14 other high schools come for part of the school day to take Advanced Placement and CTE classes of their own choosing.

Imagine that at the same school, teenagers interact with other teenagers from different backgrounds and engage with them in class discussions, group activities and hands-on assignments,

Imagine a school where graduates come back to visit teachers to tell them that the experience that they had socially and academically prepared them for college in a way that put them well ahead of their peers.

Imagine a school where young drivers voluntarily make a difficult commute while others who do not have a car ride a bus because they want to attend classes that will challenge them and that they genuinely enjoy.

Such a school actually exists, and it is located at 910 Highland Court in Winston-Salem. It is the Career Center High School, and it has an enrollment of about 2,500 students. It is a dynamic place whose atmosphere is hard to describe unless you have experienced it firsthand.

I was privileged to have that experience for 24 years as an AP psychology teacher until I recently retired. I cannot express how fortunate I was to teach some amazing young people at an incredible place.

During the registration period for classes for the 2020-21 school year, I strongly encourage high school students from around the county to consider enrolling in classes at the Career Center.

Larry Stombaugh



Somebody, please, please, please, take President Trump’s Twitter away from him. I don’t give a damn about polls, I don’t care what cable TV station gets the highest ratings, and the president of the United States shouldn’t, either, especially not at a time like this.

Somebody, please, grab this man by the shoulders, shake him, tell him to sober up and get to work!

April Reaves


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