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I want to express my appreciation to the Journal and in particular to news clerk Melissa Hall for the Aging Matters page that appears each Sunday.

The Aging Matters page allow many organizations, including the Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem, to publicize a wide variety of events and activities for aging adults in our regional area. The Aging Matters page is a wonderful community investment by the Journal and is read widely by your audience as indicated by the significant number of calls and emails to our organization for events that are listed. Other agencies have also experienced similar results.

As our population ages, having a resource such as Aging Matters benefits our entire community including older adults, caregivers and community partners.

Thank you for devoting Journal resources to make this important information available so broadly for our community.

Sam Matthews


Matthews is the executive director of the Shepherd’s Center. — the editor

Destroyed from within

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. But how can young people learn from history if actual history is not being taught?

I have conducted my own survey and discovered that only one in 100 people under the age of 50 knows who Gen. Douglas MacArthur was. In some states, “historical concepts” are taught in lieu of dates, places and involved personalities. It is also deplorable that some people try to change history that they do not like by tearing down statues and symbols depicting actual historical events.

History shows that Rome was destroyed from within, just as the anti-American U.S. representatives known as “the squad” are attempting today in this country.

History also shows that President Herbert Hoover was confronted with a situation similar to what President Trump faces today. President Hoover tried to pull this country out of the great depression by proposing several progressive programs that were rejected by a Democratic Congress. Subsequently, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected and took Hoover’s proposed programs, doubled and tripled them and they were passed by his Democratic Congress.

The Democratic politicians have been attempting to overthrow our duly elected president ever since Trump was sworn in. And to put icing on the cake, the extreme Democrats running for their presidential nomination want to convert our republic into a socialist state, which would destroy us from within.

Arza D. Patterson


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