Hunter Biden

Why would anyone suggest that Hunter Biden should be investigated? Here is a man who was discharged from the Navy Reserve for testing positive for cocaine use while serving as a naval officer. That’s not so bad; lots of folks give in to drugs.

He is a man who left his wife and three children for his brother’s widow. When his wife sued for divorce, partly because, she says, he drained hundreds of thousands of dollars from their marital assets on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for other women he was having affairs with, he had his office reduce her monthly payment from $17,000 to $7,500. Guess that’s why he needed that board seat in Ukraine.

All this hatred in our country is serving one useful purpose:It is making all of us aware of what power does to all people without regard for color, religion, party affiliation or gender. It is time we all start asking the question of our laughable public servants, “How can you amass a net worth of $15 million on a 20-year salary of $185,000 per year?”

Unfortunately, we all know the answer. There are no public servants, only swine who get rich at our tax trough.

Tom Jones


Too much change

Born in 1940, I am seeing more change than I can handle. The glaciers are melting, the surf is rising, the birds are disappearing.

Never mind ... the dinosaurs also disappeared.

Six-shooters are play toys, and 6-year-old children are shot dead.

But big guns are just fine ... it’s war, anyway, in our nation today. Tribe versus tribe. World enemies have become friends, and old allies are made fun of. Jesus beards abound. Ah, to make us more like Him. And no one dies today, they just all pass away.

Medicare for the under-65s? Why, that’s socialism. Just let me keep mine.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a terror. After all, she’s a woman; let’s get rid of her. Hillary Clinton, for goodness sake, do lock her up.

Harriet Tubman won’t grace the $20 bill just yet. Caged children are crying. Gay people await the chance to be married in the churches or to be ordained as pastors. Public schools are on the back burner, private schools are in. Educating everyone for the future? My goodness, how novel.

The end justifies the means. Our Statue of Liberty sheds crocodile tears.

I am seeing more change than I can handle.

So let’s at least all watch the Demon Deacons win one more! Something we can share.

Well, good, make America great again!

Sandra Shugart


The real collusion

For the last two years the news media have been captivated by the so-called Trump collusion. However, the real collusion is the one between Hollywood, the media and politicians. Why are they so determined to destroy President Trump? The simple truth is that Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” which would ultimately destroy the power base of this group and shift it to the “deplorables,” who are so hated by them.

For the first time in decades, we have a president who actually cares about the common people and that is more than this group can bear. No longer will they be able to give lip service to the deplorables while lining their own pockets and the pockets of their family members.

With hope, the real truth will be revealed in the 2020 elections.

Donald Crews


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